So the last two days I have noticed my desktop wallpaper either resizes itself to 1080p - I am on 4k - or it vanishes altogether.

I have set slideshow to disable in power options.

I turned theme sync off as I don't have any other windows devices, wonder how i reset the data saved.

I chose the theme just called windows and its image disappeared as soon as I closed the theme window.

I just did a restart and so far image is there but its random.

I just noticed the location the photos was in was not actually the location my pictures folder was aimed at so I redirected the pictures library to the right location. It shouldn't make a difference since browse was aimed at right place.

Fresh install of win 10 (okay, 1 week old), latest drivers and bios. (Nvidia driver is latest according to geforce experience). I have the latest version of Windows and I ran Windows update earlier.

Maybe unrelated but yesterday I found WinSAT running on my PC and seemingly testing my PC while it was in idle. I don't understand what it does in Win 10, WEI is no longer applicable. I disabled it using task scheduler at that time. The wallpaper has disappeared a few times since so I just re enabled it, figuring it might be cause...

I just ran SFC/Scannow, it found nothing.