Windows 10: Do not show running programs on taskbar Solved

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    Do not show running programs on taskbar


    I was sick of windows and decided to switch to linux. I found amazing linux distribution which is called Elementary OS Freya and looks just amazing. Really nice and minimalist. Unfortunately I'm an 3D artist so I'm a software dependent so I can't use linux because the support for programs is horrible. Even though I managed to get Maya working on linux I've got wrong drivers for my AMD graphics card. I tried downloading drivers from AMD web page, but those drivers made my computer to crash and I had to restore linux and try again. So I was pointless because even graphic drivers wasn't working at all, so I had to switch back. Windows is really good, stable and reliable OS and the program support is amazing, but I'm just got tired of all the same looks. It's just so annoying. Lets take file explorer for example. There's a lot of buttons and everything that nobody's using and it just looks horrible and you have to customize shit out of it to get rid of all that stuff. So as you may have understood I'm trying to make Windows 10 look more simple, minimalist and eye-catching. Linux has this amazing thing that you can change desktop environment. For example Freya OS is basically Ubuntu, but with different desktop environment. Ubuntu's using Unity and Freya's using Pantheon. And the thing is, that if you want to get the looks of Freya OS on Ubuntu you don't have to reinstall your OS. You just install different desktop environment and boom, as soon as you restart your pc Ubuntu loads Pantheon instead of Unity. I thought why Windows couldn't have that kind of stuff. Well as it turns out it can and there is few desktop environments for windows that can change explorer and all the shell and use custom instead, but those look awful. Don't understand why would people even consider using those. Anyways, there is one custom desktop environment which is called LiteStep and it has some decent looking themes, but unfortunately it's kind of old so there's no support for Windows 10. I saw some people taking initiative and making it work on Windows 10, but I couldn't get it working. Well technically I could and I used it with default theme which is even worse than default Windows looks and I tried to download some custom theme and nothing worked because theme required (and all of the themes does) som additional modules. And there's thousands of those and the server was down so I wasn't able to download modules and use the theme. So it was just useless. So now the only thing that I was able to do was to install som custom themes for windows and so on and I got it looking pretty nice, but there's only one thing left and I can't fix it. I'm using Nexus Dock and I'm having my taskbar at the top of the screen which is okay. It actually looks a lot like Freya OS which is nice. But there's only one thing that annoys me. As soon as I open some program it shows on the taskbar. Do any of you have any idea how to disable that. I don't want to disable taskbar or hide it or whatever. I want taskbar to be on a top of the screen and I want to have dock at a bottom of the screen and when I open programs I don't want to see them on a taskbar.

    I hope that some of you knows at least something to help me of solving this thing. Thanks in advance. Also I attaching an image so you could see what's going on.
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    Neverming, fixed it.

    So since I've got no help I continued on searching and found a program called QuickHide which hides all the applications from taskbar which was exactly what I was looking for. With that program I could use Dock instead of taskbar and programs don't appear on a taskbar. However, there's nothing perfect and controls of that program sucked. You start the program, then you press CTRL for hiding the icons and Shift for showing icons again. So guess what happens when you write and press Shift for typing capital letters, yes, the icons reappear which was disappointing. But if you would press End key then the program would terminate. And if you pressed End while icons where hidden it doesn't matter if you press shift or whatever, icons doesn't show up again which is perfect. So I did a lil bit more research and put together a simple Visual Basic script which, on startup, launch QuickHide.exe then waits for a 5 seconds because my pc is a bit laggy at startup so I need like 5 secs to be sure that program is running, then script simulates CTRL and End keys. So basically script runs QuickHide, then hides icons and the terminates program. Which is perfect, because when you start any program from dock, nothing appars on the taskbar. So if you want to have the same thing I'm putting the script here under my text and I'm attaching the screenshot showing dock, programs running but not showing on a taskbar.



    set shl = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") "C:\Users\QuickHide\QuickHide.exe"
    WScript.Sleep 5000
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