After noticing a tutorial published by Brink for reverting back to the old windows 7 master volume and volume mixer I wondered if it would be possible to change something so that when I clicked the volume system icon, I got the volume mixer right away and not the master volume bar.

I know it is possible to make a shortcut using "%windir%\System32\SndVol.exe -t " as a target and I also noticed running SndVol.exe from system32 seems to open the mixer as well. It looks like windows puts a -f flag onto SndVol.exe when you click the system tray icon.

As posted by Brink

EnableMtcUvc DWORD

0 = old
1 = new (default)

This allows windows 10 to somehow use the old master volume and mixer but I can't seem to locate where windows applies the modified -f flag when clicking the system volume icon. I did notice however, when you then click on the "mixer" link the sndvol.exe relaunches with this as its parameters "​SndVol.exe -r 77463382 0 {}.{5fc3904c-eda2-46fb-b353-10e266407892}"

I think that registry value is pointing at what hardware profile is being used (Speakers / Headphones, etc.) in the mixer when it launches but I'm not sure of anything right now, heh. Here is an image showing that

I have been digging threw my registry for the past hour or so and I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.

- Thanks in advance and thank you Brink for helping so far :)