Excise metro wherever it hath taken root!

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    Excise metro wherever it hath taken root!

    Grumpy user looking for help. I'll be frank, the very minute I saw the metro interface with the gigantic brightly coloured blocks, I felt like a chimp in a lab being tested for pattern recognition. Then I discovered rightclick was de fakto disabled all over the place. Then the task manager turned out to be censoring things. Then apps refused to shut down or once killed, stay down. Process kill, and BLOP there it was again, pissing willy nilly nonsense it thought I'd find interesting. That in turn led me to the discovery of outright mutiny :

    Excise metro wherever it hath taken root!-mutiny.png

    The more I explored and used windows 10, the more I grew incensed at its doing waaaaaay too much without consent, hiding things from me, and ignoring half of what I DID tell it to do. I say ignore, but it felt more like the blank stare of a bemused cat. Inevitably... my patience ran out.

    *brandishes rapier violently at some unseen opponent, goblet sloshing red wine on the table*

    I didn't buy a windows laptop to be treated like a Mac user. Please do not misunderstand me and try to explain why I need to give up the quest and capitulate to the new windows. I have used every version of windows since 3.11. Windows 10, and in particular the metro aesthetic, is ugly, simplistic, walled-off and insubordinate on a level I haven't seen since the moving Click Here button prank. I can read, so I dont want bloody ribbons with pictures or big brightly coloured blocks, to poke at like a chimpanzee. I want to restore the look of WinXP:

    Excise metro wherever it hath taken root!-winxp_explorer.jpg

    At the moment I have Classic Shell set up to at least SHOW the margin between what Win10 would have you believe is the window edge, and the actual window edge, so I can at least resize windows normally again. Various text elements are now illegible as their colour was intended for a white background, but that's nitpickage I can do later.

    Problem 1 : Corners
    Google Chrome has wonderful soft round corners win Win10. Every other program however, most notably explorer itself, does not. Is there anything people can recommend or warn against? I'm up for almost anything short of VM, so whatever works. And no I will not use Tip-Ex or try filing the corners down. Grr.

    Problem 2 : Apps
    I've stripped most of them, but a few I feel hesitant about. I have come to accept that simply breaking or at least hobbling the app component of Win10 is not desirable as this breaks more than it fixes, but I'd like to get as close as I can. Attached please find my Get-AppxPackage readout. Which components in this list can I afford to remove?

    Bit of a rant, I grant you, but then Microsoft reeeeeeeeally is pushing it, in my view.
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    Hi, quite agree with you on Win 10's appalling start menu (I use Classic Shell) and its appearance (all whitish title bars originally with no borders in build 10240 so you couldn't tell where one ended and the next began.

    My opinion - it's not worth removing the universal apps. Why?
    1. They'll be back on the next upgrade (like build 10586).
    2. They don't take up so much space
    3. They can easily be ignored.
    4. If you use the useful in-place upgrade repair install (repair technique) again they'll be back.

    - disabling the scheduled task to update them (in Windows Update in Task Scheduler) - if you're sure that't what you want.
    - disable Background Apps as needed (in Settings).

    In explorer, if Quick Access offends thee, try
    Remove from File Explorer in Windows 10

    This is how mine looks- others have done very different things with high contrast themes.

    Excise metro wherever it hath taken root!-snap-2016-01-25-21.22.30.jpg
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