Hi all,

I have a rather annoying issue that I can't seem to fix. Some of my desktop icons have somehow changed to a lower resolution image centered inside a 1px frame. Recreating the icons doesn't fix it either, about 20% of my apps have small icons which used to be regular size. This happens now on some newly installed applications. Windows 10 Pro clean install about 3 months ago. This issue has been happening for the last 2 weeks. They used to be all consistent then one day I minimize a couple windows to get to desktop and boom, some icons were small, I immediately rebuilt the icon cache, it didn't work so I left it.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

Click image for larger version. 

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Things I have tried but were unsuccessful:
  • Rebuild icon cache
  • Ctrl + scroll, adjust icon size from context menu
  • Delete then recreate icon, create icon in different ways
  • Reinstalling application
  • MalwareBytes scan, Windows Defender scan (both showed nothing)
  • Manually inspect Program Files, Program Files (x86), AppData, ProgramData for anything unusual
  • Spend some hours on Google researching if others had this problem
  • Shout at screen

I don't want to change the icon of the shortcuts to some downloaded image as this will be a game of cat and mouse... bad solution to a bad problem. I also don't want to install some 3rd party app to start adjusting icons or exe resources. Mind you the icons used to appear correctly.

I have used all versions of Windows over the years since 3.1 and I have never seen this issue before. I have Windows 10 very customized... removed/stopped a lot of MS advertising junk, cortana, upload data to MS, data sharing, etc but no unsafe hacks. Nothing related to icons though that I can think of. I've even had thoughts about reinstalling Windows due an undetected issue.

Anyone have any ideas?