I've been using Win 8 for a while and was frustrated that the "filmstrip" view option was gone. I used WinXP since it came out till this past summer. If that tells you how ingrained I was and am. Win 10 is great over Win 8 or 7 but, that filmstrip isn't there. Most people with cameras take landscape type pictures, some portrait. I think the majority take them in landscape. Well, in Win 8 and 10, you "can" get a preview of images with the preview pane option BUT, it's stuck to the right side of the window. Now, 99% of my pictures are landscape so, viewing an image on the right hand side is restricting and does not allow one to view a landscape image fully. It's annoying as all get out. Is there a way to move the images preview pane to the upper position and the thumbnails to the bottom? Just like the filmstrip in Win XP?

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