I've set up a bunch of shortcut keys to files/folders/apps I use often by entering a key combo in the properties > shortcut page of .lnk shortcuts. I've done this in every version of Windows I've used with rarely any issues. The key combos are all CTRL+ALT combos.

There are a few that won't register. I'm trying to enter CTRL+ALT+F5 in the box, but it won't take. The CTRL+ALT shows when I press them, but as soon as I add the F5 the box blanks out and says "None" (the default state). I'm entering everything correctly since it's the same procedure I used to successfully set up other combos. This happens with the F8 key and a few others as well. I'm guessing they're preset system combos but they don't seem to do anything when I press them. I've also used those combos on earlier versions of Windows without any problems.

Anyone have any ideas? This is a Windows 10 Home 64 bit HP Envy x360 laptop.