I have a weird problem. I log into my laptop and PC with the same MS account and have sync everything ticked on both computers. So, in theory, the theme should sync between them, correct?

Well, I use the folder C:\Users\username\Pictures\Wallpapers to store over 300 wallpaper pictures. I make sure that this location is specified as the location of my slideshow in the Settings\Personalisation\Background screen.

Well, strangely, every time I log onto either computer, I realise that I am seeing one of only about 5 different pictures as my desktop wallpaper. I go into Settings/Personalisation/Background and under 'Choose albums for your slideshow' the folder Desktopbackground is apparently selected. It is as if Windows has decided that it wants to use the Desktopbackground folder instead of what I want. I have no idea what this folder is, or why it contains about 5 of the pictures I keep in my wallpaper folder. Anyway, I change it back to my Wallpapers folder and all my glorious pictures come back again.

Everything is fine, until I turn the computer off. When I log back in, yep, Windows has decided to use Desktopbackground folder instead.

This is very frustrating.

Can anyone shed any light please? I don't know if it helps, but I suspect that this Desktopbackground folder is something to do with Roaming.