Hi everybody,

I wish to disable the account picture on my login screen. That is to say, I want a flat-coloured screen, which displays the user/account name and the password line only as I prefer a clean slender design.

I already disabled the login screen background towards a flat-coloured one using the following registry hack:


____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _
At this point my message should end, but since I busied myself with this registry topic, I started to wonder how to define not rename) the name of a DWORD/registry key at all:

- How can I know, what is the right wording/coding for a DWORD in order to make it work properly? How do I know, which expression does Windows recognize? Is there any library or handbook?
- How can I know whats the right path/directory, where a DWORD/registry key needs to placed?

I dont expect you to answer the bundle of last questions, since they do not belong to my thread initiation - so it is still just about the account picture.
Nevertheless I would deeply appreciate any buzzwords or hints you may have in mind, that help me to get a bit deeper into the adressed matter, as I am keen to learn and improve.

Many thanks in andvance!!!