Get Win 7 icons back in Win 10- "how to successfully use Icon Changer"

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    Windows 10 Pro (b17763 r1809)

    Found the issue.

    It seems to just be a problem with that icon itself. In the 'Script.txt' file that comes with the icon changer, the line referring to the Computer Network icon (icon 25) is scripted to replace the Control Panel icon (icon 27).
    There isn't even a line scripting icon 27, so that one won't even be changed.

    You can either just do a quick edit yourself to remedy this issue, or copy the 'fixed' script I have pasted below. Change the code the this in both "Script.txt" files (located in the Icon Changer root folder and in the bin folder).

    That should sort it.

    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\3.ico, ICONGROUP,3,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\4.ico, ICONGROUP,4,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5.ico, ICONGROUP,5,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\6.ico, ICONGROUP,6,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\15.ico, ICONGROUP,15,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\18.ico, ICONGROUP,18,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\25.ico, ICONGROUP,25,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\27.ico, ICONGROUP,27,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\28.ico, ICONGROUP,28,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\29.ico, ICONGROUP,29,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\30.ico, ICONGROUP,30,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\31.ico, ICONGROUP,31,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\32.ico, ICONGROUP,32,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\33.ico, ICONGROUP,33,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\34.ico, ICONGROUP,34,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\35.ico, ICONGROUP,35,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\36.ico, ICONGROUP,36,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\37.ico, ICONGROUP,37,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\38.ico, ICONGROUP,38,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\39.ico, ICONGROUP,39,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\40.ico, ICONGROUP,40,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\41.ico, ICONGROUP,41,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\42.ico, ICONGROUP,42,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\43.ico, ICONGROUP,43,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\54.ico, ICONGROUP,54,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\55.ico, ICONGROUP,55,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\56.ico, ICONGROUP,56,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\78.ico, ICONGROUP,78,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\81.ico, ICONGROUP,81,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\84.ico, ICONGROUP,84,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\94.ico, ICONGROUP,94,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\98.ico, ICONGROUP,98,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\99.ico, ICONGROUP,99,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\104.ico, ICONGROUP,104,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\105.ico, ICONGROUP,105,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\106.ico, ICONGROUP,106,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\107.ico, ICONGROUP,107,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\108.ico, ICONGROUP,108,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\109.ico, ICONGROUP,109,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\110.ico, ICONGROUP,110,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\112.ico, ICONGROUP,112,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\113.ico, ICONGROUP,113,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\115.ico, ICONGROUP,115,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\116.ico, ICONGROUP,116,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\117.ico, ICONGROUP,117,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\123.ico, ICONGROUP,123,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\143.ico, ICONGROUP,143,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\162.ico, ICONGROUP,162,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\163.ico, ICONGROUP,163,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\172.ico, ICONGROUP,172,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\173.ico, ICONGROUP,173,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\174.ico, ICONGROUP,174,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\181.ico, ICONGROUP,181,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\183.ico, ICONGROUP,183,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\184.ico, ICONGROUP,184,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\185.ico, ICONGROUP,185,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\186.ico, ICONGROUP,186,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\189.ico, ICONGROUP,189,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1013.ico, ICONGROUP,1013,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1023.ico, ICONGROUP,1023,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1024.ico, ICONGROUP,1024,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1030.ico, ICONGROUP,1030,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1031.ico, ICONGROUP,1031,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1032.ico, ICONGROUP,1032,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1033.ico, ICONGROUP,1033,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1034.ico, ICONGROUP,1034,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1035.ico, ICONGROUP,1035,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1036.ico, ICONGROUP,1036,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1037.ico, ICONGROUP,1037,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1040.ico, ICONGROUP,1040,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\1043.ico, ICONGROUP,1043,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5100.ico, ICONGROUP,5100,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5101.ico, ICONGROUP,5101,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5311.ico, ICONGROUP,5311,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5315.ico, ICONGROUP,5315,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5325.ico, ICONGROUP,5325,0
    -addoverwrite Resources\Win7\5379.ico, ICONGROUP,5379,0
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    Neat - though in practice I've not noticed and can't immediately find a wrong icon in use...
    - just looked through the program folder- no script.txt ?

    Also Damian's home page is now dead..
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    Windows 10 Pro (b17763 r1809)

    Hmm weird, I don't see how it could just be me as it was an issue with the Script.txt file that comes packed with Icon Changer.
    Unless the program encountered some form of error that changed it unintentionally or something perhaps.

    May be worth checking 'Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop Icon Settings' and seeing if your Computer Network icon is the Windows 7 one as it should be.

    It's also worth mentioning that I also had to patch and replace the "imageres.dll" file in the SysWOW64 folder as well as the one in System32. Not sure if that goes for all 64-bit users or whether it was just me, but before I did that I encountered a glitch where after emptying the Recycle Bin the icon reverted back to the Windows 10 version.

    P.S. Sorry for digging up a thread of yours posted over 3 years ago, but at least it's been productive and ultimately yielded good results.
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    Windows 10 Pro (b17763 r1809)

    I can still get onto Damian's homepage here, seems to be working fine for me.

    The Icon Changer version 1.4 (listed on that link) comes with a "Script.txt" file that basically tells the software which icons to patch.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)
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    Thanks for the updated home page (search for Damian Icon changer still found the old one) - have updated the link.

    Agreed, downloading v1.4 rar from the page you quote includes script.txt - the one in the zip file I downloaded ages ago doesn't...
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    Windows 10 Pro (b17763 r1809)

    Awesome! Hope it all makes a bit more sense now haha.
    Remember if you ever need to re-patch to update both Script.txt files.
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