In Excel 2010 the default comment font has been bold for me for as long as I can remember (even in a fresh install in Win 10). In this post Title Bar Text Size - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums The common fix of changing the tooltip font works for the font size but not the font weight. I have used Kutools to change all comments to regular weight in the past but it's unstable in Win 10 and causes problems with other software. I know that I can type a character, hit ctrl-B and get the next character to regular weight but then I have to go back and delete the first character. Hitting ctrl-b immediately doesn't work. Obviously this is clunky and time wasting. Using Kutools tools in the past it changes the font weight for the entire comment, including the bold commentor name. I want it to function like I see in any example I can find, which always was the commentor name in bold and the rest of the comment regular weight. As far as I remember that was the case in every version of Excel I used before 2010.