I have Desktop Background set to change once every 6 hours. Most of the time it seems to behave itself. Sometimes, however, it can change several times in a short time. Three times in one hour, twice within 3 hours, etc.

At least twice, and perhaps more times, the background changed after I clicked an app on the screen -- Closing Firefox, for instance. It acts like my click changed the background. At this point I could not say, for sure, that it changes backgrounds while I am not interacting with Windows 10. I believe it does, but I will keep an eye on that scenario.

I have a folder in my documents directory with about 20 jpeg backgrounds. All are selected and, using the control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper shortcut, I have deselected "Shuffle". I am using a desktop PC that is typically on for 15 hours a day.

Has anyone else seen this problem?