I have installed UxStyle to install custom themes in windows 10. I've installed a theme called "windows 8.1 update 1 rtm dark aero" thinking that windows 8 themes would work on windows 10. It did change the minimize/maximize/close buttons but didn't change the taskbar & active window which the theme should've done. Here's a picture of the result: http://i60.tinypic.com/w0tiz5.png Loading any custom theme kept my themed minimize/maximize/close buttons. Loading one of the windows default themes actually broke my theme, and removed the themed buttons. Loading the dark aero theme again didn't give me my themed buttons back.

My question is, how do I edit & create new themes for windows 10? I looked into the dark aero theme, and neither the aero dark.msstyles or the shellstyle.dll had the custom window buttons images. I opened them with resource hacker, and couldn't find any bitmap image to replace to edit the theme to look like windows classic.

I just couldn't find any reference to the themed taskbar , windows or minimize/close buttons in any of the files. Is it hidden?

I found a windows classic theme on the net, but it still doesn't look like the real windows classic, windows 98 theme with the gradiant color active window ( going from one color to another ) or the small minimize/close buttons, or the 3d border.

I'd like to change the active window, and the taskbar to look like a windows 95/98 themed look.

Can anyone help please?
Thanks, any help is much appreciated. =)