New double blue arrows for shortcut overlay?

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    Windows 10 x86 Professional

    Blue text was so much better.

    Annoying double arrows every where. Just updated to the latest build and this is what comes out of that. The blue texts were just fine, seems like it's going to take a few days to get used to this new Blue Compression arrows. :)
    New double blue arrows for shortcut overlay?-screenshot-42-.png
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    windows 10

    kkorotev said:
    I am trying to locate that icon group in "imageres.dll" using RESOURCE HACKER. Icon 226 is something entirely different and, unfortunately, there is no way to SEE the icons but one by one. How did you create the ICON INDEX IMAGE (above)?
    Or, do you have any ideas about how I could delete that icon overlay completely...or any other ideas?
    in icon workshop the icon number is 226. If u use Resource Hacker the number is in icon group-->1305. and replace them
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    Win10 build 10525
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    Actually, in the end, I uncompressed all my drives. Pros: Access is a little quicker. Double arrow compression icons go away. Cons: More drive space needed.

    Compress or Uncompress Files and Folders in Windows 10
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    kkorotev said:
    Pros: Access is a little quicker.
    Funnily enough when I tested on my system access was a little slower after decompressing Any useful scenario for NTFS compression? - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums (not that it made a huge difference either way though)
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    Window 10

    kkorotev said:
    My shortcuts all have a new double blue arrow overlay since upgrading to Windows 10565. None of my older fixes (reg edits, etc) seem to work getting rid of this new visual change.
    Any Ideas

    If still unresolved, the below person "Ztruker" suggestion resolved my issue.

    Originally Posted by Ztruker
    Do you use Norton 360? If so,

    1. Open NAV 360
    2. Click 'Settings'
    3. Un check 'Back up system overlays'
    4. Restart

    Found here: Blue boxes w/ white arrows on icons?? - Forums - CNET and here:
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    windows 10 pro X64 1607

    Still using the prog Brink talked 8 years ago lol

    Shortcut Arrow ( download links still working )

    running fine under win 10 pro 10586.36 :)

    New double blue arrows for shortcut overlay?-snap24.jpg
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    mykou said:
    Still using the prog Brink talked 8 years ago lol

    Shortcut Arrow ( download links still working )

    running fine under win 10 pro 10586.36 :)
    That is for shortcut arrows not the double arrows indicating compression being discussed here though...
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    windows 10 pro X64 1607

    oups sorry ! my bad
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    Windows 10 1511

    Hi guys,

    I found a way to remove those arrows, and it's actually the exact same way as the shortcut arrows that mykou was talking about are removed - literally just a different number used in the process.

    The fix is a blank icon file that needs to be copied somewhere (usually Windows/System32 for convenience) and a registry change to tell Windows to use the blank icon instead of the blue arrows. I provide a batch file which will copy the file and make the registry change for you if you right click and "Run as Administrator".

    Thanks guys, enjoy your blue arrow free life! :)
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    Windows 10

    kkorotev said:
    Attachment 42594Attachment 42595
    Here is how they look. The unique icons are from me, the double arrow overlay just appeared last night after the upgrade to 10565.
    I tried your reg. edits 1st thing no avail.
    This symbol does not represent shortcut overlays, but compressed folders. It distinguishes the compressed folders from the non-compressed folders.
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