I've been doing some web searches and haven't yet found an answer to my problem--though the attached text at the end of my message at least seems to be someone wanting to do the same thing! Unfortunately, he posted the question in 2006 and as of today it remains unanswered.

Can anyone answer or tell me where to find the answer on my own?

PROBLEM: I want to create a folder that uses a custom icon that is specific to the folder itself. I've included the .ICO file within the folder itself where eventually I'll hit the HIDDEN attrib. I can then customize the folder's icon, and browse to the ICO no problem. Until I move the folder elsewhere. ICO is still there of course, but the path has changed. The guy posting the question below used the term relative path (which sounds perfectly logical to me) but I have no idea if that's a real term or not.


OH--And in his sample code from desktop.ini please let us all assume the artist SANTANA has been replaced with TINA TURNER! :)

Can someone of you guys tell me how to embed an icon into a Folder using a relative path?
I have the icon in already but if I move the folder to another PC the icon won't show anymore.
The icon file is placed inside the folder where it should appear.

The desktop.ini inside the folder looks like this:
IconResource=D:\Music\Carlos Santana\santana.ico,0

If the folder gets moved to another PC the drive letter is not correct anymore.
So I was thinking to change the path inside the desktop.ini to a relative path.
How is this done or what is the correct way of doing it?