How do you bring back Windows Log in/Log off sounds

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    How do you bring back Windows Log in/Log off sounds

    Hi everyone!

    So I am looking for a way to bring back my Log in/Log off sounds for my Windows 10 PC.

    I have loved this feature since I started using XP and want them back in 10.

    Anyone found a way to do this?

    Thanks, @MrRandomMan
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  2.    29 Apr 2016 #2

    ME TOO!!! My .wavs play in Control Panel/Sounds/Test after changing
    ExcludeFromCPL to a 0, but NOT during Logon or Logoff as Win7 does...
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  3.    02 May 2016 #3

    Hi, you could schedule a task to play a sound-
    - on log on
    - On disconnect from a user session
    = log off
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  4.    02 May 2016 #4

    Hhhmmm, that helped, but only half...

    . my Logon .wav is back, and this is easier than \STARTUP
    . but "Logoff" doesn't work, tho 'Workstation Lock' DOES(!) work.
    There is a 'local disconnect from user session' which did NOT work,
    but no actual 'at Logoff' choice?

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  5.    02 May 2016 #5

    On disconnect from user session - is the log off trigger. I've never used it personally, but that's what it is described as. I don't see a 'local.....' option.

    Correct, there is no 'Log off' trigger as such.

    There is a much more comprehensive list of possible triggers I once found in order to launch a task on resuming from hibernation (think about it...).

    Explore 'On an event' and you will find two rather long drop-down lists if you go deep enough.
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  6.    03 May 2016 #6

    Regarding 'local', this is in the next panel (from remote or local
    computer); I also selected 'specific user' (my LID).

    I actually do 'on an Event' to trigger various programs at shutdown
    via a .bat, which my programs create when it detects shutdown, which
    now (for 1) additionally runs my BEEP.bat to play my Logoff .wav,
    which works, so I copied this one to play the .wav via the same .bat
    that the original .bat was calling (same defs otherwise); according to
    my logs (ie: my BEEP.bat does an echo at start and end; in this case,
    there were NO msgs) and per WTS History, it started, but failed
    w/rc=3221225786/C000013A (w'run only...') or
    2147942659/80070103(w/'run whether...'), and no sound was ever heard
    from either.

    I do see the long list in the System log, and saw WinLogon, but no
    WinLogoff. Could this be in another of the 400+ logs? I looked at
    Security, and see 4634 (which is already 4sec later than 1074 (below))
    and 4647 (would need to somehow specify 'Account Name' for only my LID;
    perhaps via customized XML?). I printed all the logs at the time of the
    WTS History failure, +-15 seconds...
    I see the WTS failure:
    Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
    Date: 2016-05-03T06:20:55.389
    Event ID: 201
    Task: Action completed
    Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\SCHEDUL BEEPDOWN" ,
    instance "{...}" ,
    action "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe" with return code 2147942659.

    I tried setting the trigger to Basic/System/user32/1074 instead of
    mine (this is usually the 1st event @PowerOff), but, now get
    rc=2147943515/8007045B failure and STILL NO sound!

    Very frustrating...I went back to my way for Logoff, which works
    (for now).
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  7.    03 May 2016 #7

    Actually, of course, the problem is that you wish to generate a sound when services etc are closing down. Thus I suppose you'd need to delay the logoff process long enough for your sound....
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  8.    03 May 2016 #8

    Hmph! I USED(!!!) to be able to do this in Win7 w/my program that
    delayed this annoying now OPAQUE shut down screen from occuring!

    Based on this, I tried my XML from my 1st one and chg'd it
    from level 3 to 4(info) (my program does both) and just stop
    the program (X the window); after apx 15 seconds, the .wav
    plays completely! But going back to level 3 and doing the
    PowerOff, it just doesn't work (maybe due to this 15s delay)??? YES!

    In 1 shutdown, it actually started playing (almost when everything
    was already down per the opaque shutdown screen), but then it was
    abruptly cut off. So, I guess my method will have to do, since my
    delay is apx 5 seconds after the opaque shutdown screen (and WHY
    isn't this translucent a la Win7???). Oh well.
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  9.    03 May 2016 #9

    OK, I found the cause: CPUR @ 100% during a Level4 event:

    cmd.exe 3520 4084 Process Start SUCCESS Parent PID: 360, Command line: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe /c "Run_BEEP.BAT", Current directory: c:\DAD\SCHEDUL\BEEPDOWN\, Environment:
    0.0000000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe /c "Run_BEEP.BAT" 360 1414 12:46:02.1575647 PM
    conhost.exe 3080 2644 FASTIO_NETWORK_QUERY_OPEN FAST IO DISALLOWED C:\DAD\SCHEDUL\BEEPDOWN\cmd.exe 0.0000070 \??\C:\Windows\system32\conhost.exe 0xffffffff -ForceV1 3520 3920 12:46:17.5724372 PM

    + 15.4s

    CPUUSAGE Tue 05/03/2016 12:45:56.73 CPU percentage usage is 71 ,98019
    CPUUSAGE Tue 05/03/2016 12:46:02.57 CPU percentage usage is 76 ,98018
    CPUUSAGE Tue 05/03/2016 12:46:08.73 CPU percentage usage is 100 ,98017
    CPUUSAGE Tue 05/03/2016 12:46:16.45 CPU percentage usage is 100 ,98016
    CPUUSAGE Tue 05/03/2016 12:46:22.15 CPU percentage usage is 93 ,98015

    . When I temp-ignored my SHUTDOWN.bat via my program
    (temp-added GOTO BAD), the .wav started almost instantly.

    CPUR @ max means that it wasn't being dispatched;


    changed WTS task PRI from 7 to 6...NOW WORKS, even w/my SHUTDOWN.bat
    running. I'VE BEEN SCREWED OVER BY THIS EVEN IN Win7! I should have

    Put back Level3 and re-tested PowerOff; NOW IT WORKS w/about
    a 3sec delay, but played the 17sec .wav completely.
    So, now, I'll use this method as well for Logoff.

    Thankx for your help.
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  10.    03 May 2016 #10

    Glad you could sort it out.. well done!
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