Hello, I have messed up the taskbar, I "think" with Winaero Tweaker, trying to get the white text back so I can read anything (enable disable then enable colored title bars fixed that). While I did get the black text to turn white, either with the colored title bars or Aero Lite settings (it was late last night after getting a fresh Win 10 to behave like it should have so I forgot most everything I did). Then the Quick Launch toolbar disappeared. So I found the post to use this to get it back:
C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick LaunchChanging the Aero settings back doesn't help. Now it's stuck on the right side of the taskbar and I can' resize it unlocking the toolbar. The flyout does work however, and I can add or remove buttons, I just can't see more than one icon and I'd like to see all of them.