Windows 10: Collage Screensaver Required

  1.    09 Sep 2015 #1

    Collage Screensaver Required

    Like many others I have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. So far all is well.

    One of the features that I rather liked on the previous OS, was the option for a collage of photographs for use as a screensaver. Now if memory serves me correctly, this wasn't actually shipped with Windows 7 but was an additional download from, I believe, MSM Live. There are other collage screensavers available; but none as elegant as this one that selected a maximum of 4 photographs to be displayed on a beige background.

    I wonder whether any other members might have come across this and might be able to advise where I might find it as a download or even, where it might have been on my previous installation? The whole system was backed up prior to the 'MS update' as a 'just in case' measure. My attempts to find it have failed .... I was rather hoping it would be in the System32 directory with the other .scr files. But alas it is not there, or if it is, it is not readily identifiable.

    Could any members here offer any assistance please.
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  2.    09 Sep 2015 #2

    It is typical that the moment I posted this thread, a name popped into my head. Windows Essentials

    Looked online, downloaded the 2012 pack and lo and behold I now have my beloved collage screensaver once more. Thanks for reading ..... riddle solved. :)
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  3.    09 Sep 2015 #3

    Spoke too soon .... that was the program but alas there is no longer an option for collage!

    Any ideas?
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  4.    09 Sep 2015 #4

    The default Windows Photo Screensaver doesn't do this?
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  5.    09 Sep 2015 #5

    Sadly no ..... only options are for the speed of the photo's and whether to shuffle the contents.
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  6.    09 Sep 2015 #6

    MoabUtah said: View Post
    Sadly no ..... only options are for the speed of the photo's and whether to shuffle the contents.
    There's also the ability to select a folder containing photos.
    Maybe I'm just not understanding what you want then...?
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  7.    09 Sep 2015 #7

    Just removed the 2012 version and tried the 2011. Still no joy, but there is a message shown on the settings page that says 'This computer's video card can't play themes' So perhaps that's the issue here ..... must be the only thing this video card cannot do .... it's pretty beefy otherwise. Still confused????
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  8.    09 Sep 2015 #8

    Sounds like whatever feature you want isn't supported in Windows 10 anymore.
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  9.    09 Sep 2015 #9

    Sorry, posted before I saw your reply. Yes, you first select the folder that you want to display, then select collage [if it was there] and the screensaver then displays 4 random photos from your folder. After the first set of four, it repeats the process with a new selection.

    Or at least it would if it worked!

    I shall explore the video card message in case I need to tweak something there.

    Thanks for trying to help :)
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  10.    09 Sep 2015 #10

    Okay, well some more digging around and I find that this video card not playing themes relates to a poor Windows Experience Score! and it was happening quite a lot with Windows 7 and Vista systems too.

    Just read a very interesting article windows experience index in windows 10 and applied the given command at the Command prompt .... hey presto, collage is now an option.

    I sincerely trust that this will stay for me :) so once again, I am marking this thread as Solved ...... fingers crossed
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