First of all, Thanks ive made many a group policy out of your tutorials. I am the IT Administrator for a fairly large engineering company where the users often roam between computers. We did a complete rebuild from XP - 8.1 and everyone has learned how to use the xml deployed start screen. We have upgraded our reference image to 10 Enterprise and everything is working but the users (including the owners) we asked to test it all want the start screen enabled

Im looking for a way to do this in an automated way for all users on the pcs. Regshot is coming up empty even though google lists the value as being stored in


Im guessing they moved it between 2014 and RTM, and it doesn’t look like the value is stored in the registry anymore. I was wondering if anyone here knew where and in what format this value is stored in so it doesn’t have to be changed for each user on every pc they logon to.