Posting this in General forum. I don't think this is possible but i'll ask anyway

I have a NAS where I can create a desktop shortcut \\Nas, problem is it defaults to a My Computer icon when i pin it to quick access. I can change the shortcut icon to what ever i want on the desktop, but the moment it is pinned to quick access it defaults to the windows My Computer icon. I'm not talking about a share folder, that can be changed and icon matches, this is the root share "\\<DNS or IP>"

Winaero lets you add your own custom "folders" but since this is not a folder, it does me no good.

Is there anyway to change the default icon for a root network share \\<share_name> ?
Is there a way to manually add a custom network root patch entry to navigation pane? i checked the registry thinking it would show up in there, but nope.

Navigation pane default icons for share drive how to change-capture.png