I'm having a very strange issue on Windows 10, just installed a week ago. I am one of those persons that has multiple desktop icons. Shortcuts to programs on the right side. Folders with current jobs on a line below, photos of baby grandson on the left and many other temporary things that I like to keep in front of my eyes. I had all that arranged on Windows 7, with small icons, by specific areas, following my own mental and probably twisted organization :). But it worked for me and I loved it.
Now, Windows 10 arrived. And suddenly all my desktop is messed up. By default, it always changes the size of icons to medium and puts them all on the left side in straight columns. Whatever I do, whenever I restart or sign out it goes back to that... on the first days I would resize the icons to small, put them all again by the order I wanted, unchecked "align to grid" and "auto arrange icons", even saved a theme with all that. No way... as soon as I sign out or restart, there they are again, of their own will aligned to the left, medium sized, messing my life because now I don't ever know where my stuff is. Everyday I check forums and internet post and they all say the same: "unckeck align to grid and auto arrange icons". So, I did... 10 times.... 20 times... this is really annoying me and I was thinking if someone has the same problem or it is just one of those things that you have to accept like a curse.