PS: The reason to this is far too long and complex, and in advance I ask for no suggestions on how to solve it or to go hire a professional or go to the police, all of those i have covered or not done for several reasons. Also no need to suggest to buy a new PC or wipe hard drives or anything along those lines, it does not help at all unfortunately (on my fourth laptop now). Im not going to go in to details, no one will believe them and it's irrelevant.

So, to the actual request

I have a timeframe of approximately 20-40 minutes after each reinstall (offline or online does not matter, but usually less time online) of windows. I can provide you with the ISO to use, a win 10 LTSC IoT enterprise.

I want a premade STIG maximum security policy in place upon installation (or with a few clicks/commands) as well as all drivers to my machine ready to install/sign. And maximum level windows defender security policies. All samba shares completely off, no printers, no SSH, block every single port that anyone would even consider a possibility to even be able to use to ping me. Not that harsh but you get what I mean

I'll pay $100 for this ISO and once you show screenshots/and is fairly a respectable member here, i'll pay upfront before you deliver it