Hi Win10 customisation enthusiasts,

I have recently read through some of the articles and discussions about the fact that Windows 10's SegoeUISymbol system font also caters for the icons of the Win UI. As an old-time tinkerer, I went ahead to see what elements are missing when you use other fonts. I can now see why many people are complaining and mad. It seems like only the SegoeUISymbol font set contains all the UI icons.

However, It seems to me all the TTF files follow the same structure. It means you can create custom TTF set by only changing the alphabetical and numerical characters and keep the UI symbols as they are. Basically, you can create a custom Win10 compatible ttf for yourself with any typeface.

Any font as a system font can be possible-fonts.jpg
Caption: Left Font randomly selected to compare it to the right font set which is SegoeUISymbol

I wanted to ask folks with more experience in Win customisation that would be this approach a plausible solution to have any font type as your system font in Win10 as I am a specialist in enterprise technology and don't have much experience in typefaces?

Let's discuss.

I am running Windows 10 20H2