Hi all,

Shortly after I upgraded to Win 10 I went to the control panel to set up my desktop background to slide show through a specific folder of images. This worked fine but had an unexpected side effect; each one of my monitors (I've 3) showed a different image from the slide show. Right clicking on the desktop and choosing "Next desktop background" would change just one monitor's image, doing it again would change another and doing it again would change the third.

As I said this was unexpected as I was on Win 7 previously where the monitors always showed the same image in the slide show. However I decided I liked the effect and left it at that. When I restarted my machine I found it had returned to the old Win 7 behaviour; same image on each monitor and using the "Next desktop background" option changed all the monitors to the same new image. No I could find no way to return to the other behaviour until I restarted again and found it had returned of it's own accord.

I have since restarted multiple times and now seem to be stuck with the Win 7 behaviour with the added note that the backgrounds are changing more often than they should. They are set to a 30 minute interval and they generally stick to that but as I wrote that last sentence they changed twice in quick succession (about 5 seconds apart...).

Ideally I would like to get back to having a different slide show on each monitor. Anyone know how?

Thanks in advance!