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Before I updated to Windows 10, this was never an issue. The language bar was completely shifted to the right. The laptop power indicator follows the language bar.

Visually it doesn't look too appealing, and also it has started to shift language at times. I don't know what the trigger for it is, but sometimes I notice that it has changed from SV (Swedish) to EN (English). As you can see on the picture, it's currently set to EN for no apparent reason. This never occured when it was placed to the right. And at the start of using Windows 10 it didn't occur either, when it was in the correct position.

Edit: Figured I'd add this: When I reset default settings on the language bar, it goes back to where I want it to be, for a while. Not sure what the trigger is but eventually I find it in the middle of the traybar anyway.
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