With Windows 7 there where splash animations when in photoshop and other places... they took much internet research to get rid of and I was thankful I had bought the Premium version as it was easier to get rid of them. Hope this link posts... it takes you to the main 'cure' site for this problem will will show you exactly what I mean ... I want to know if there's anything like this in 10 and if there is can it be turned off easily PLEASE scroll down as far as Step 5 as the dynamic feedback was the worst of these things http://viziblr.com/news/2011/8/14/th...-on-windo.html..... I'm happy with 7 so am really on the fence about upgrading to 10 and this is my number 1 decide factor... in other words I won't even consider it if these things are there with no turn off.