"Windows cannot find one of the files in this theme" annoying error

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    Store in my profile works flawlessly..It launches immediately, I see my profile, I can download, and in fact it has just updated some of my apps.

    I must admit though that some time in the past, probably 1-2 years ago, it could NOT update some previously purchased apps..it would download new apps but could not update certain apps previously purchased. I had looked into it and it appeared to have an issue with the licence file, despite my profile was always present in the store. I can recall it would start the download, freeze, and then it would display an error (while other apps in the queue would download as per normal). If my memory serves me right, I may had purchased apps from the same profile (my microsoft account, I have only got one) but from different computers, not sure though.

    The issue went away after a couple of Windows updates and I haven't spotted any download or updates from Store for quite a number f months.

    Thanks a lot
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    New user?
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    New user account

    OK, I created a new user account (local account), with administrator rights.

    I logged out of my usual account (it's linked to my Microsoft Account), and logged in with the test local account.

    Windows Store launched, however I did NOT sign into Store (I thought not to use my Microsoft log-in account), and did not connect to OneDrive.

    Went to Themes page, no error. After a few seconds, a number of themes started to download themselves, probably old purchases (they did ring a bell). No error whatsoever.

    I thought that these were maybe "missing themes" that my normal profile (where I log-in with my Microsoft account) was trying to "locate", and if it couldn't find them hence the error.

    So, I made a copy of all those themes.

    I then logged out of my test local account, and back into the usual account with Microsoft account log-in. I pasted all themes into the Theme folder, hoping the error would go away.

    But no. The number the error comes has now increased from 15-17 times to about 30 (probably by the number of "new themes" added).

    This is really getting interesting..can't figure out what's looking for. The surprising thing was to see themes downloading automatically to the test account theme folder, where I had NOT logged into Stores, and there is no error in the test account after download...
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    I know you said that you disabled syncing in your 1st post. However, besides the fact that you've created a new user and thus one with less likelihood of odd settings or corruption, it is a local user and so not synced.

    I wonder what would happen if you configured it as a non-local account and enabled syncing?

    Returning to the original account, consider
    Enable or Disable Syncing Theme in Windows 10 Sync Your Settings

    Then also try this:
    disable the internet, then check for the theme error again. See if there's any change.

    Hopefully Onedrive isn't a factor: try disabling it and chekcing for the theme problem and enabling it
    Enable or Disable OneDrive Integration

    (Just random thoughts on things to try...).
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    To convert the local test account to a non-local one, it means to log in with a Microsoft account, does it mean having to create ANOTHER Microsoft account, or can I log in to the test account using my existing Microsoft account?

    If I am able to log-in to the test account using my existing Microsoft account, is it going to mess the original one?

    Oh, I should also say I went back to the original themes folder in the original profile (Microsoft account), removed all folders apart of the default Microsoft ones, and I am now again down to the error going down to 17-18 times from the 30-32 I had when I brought all "missing" themes in the themes folder of the original account
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Switch to Microsoft Account in Windows 10

    If I am able to log-in to the test account using my existing Microsoft account, is it going to mess the original one?
    I've never tried it...

    Perhaps easier to try the other things first.
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    New user account

    OK, so:

    1) I de-synced again Theme sync while in original microsoft account; still got errors

    2) I then re-visited Option 2 from de and re-registering Apps; I have done for Store and Settings. No red fonts in either re-registering, completed fine; Still got errors (original Microsoft account)

    3) Removed Internet (in original account), still got errors

    4) Logged back into test account -local -where I had no errors; logged in OneDrive using my Microsoft account, still no errors

    5) While in test account -local-, I logged into Microsoft Store; logged me in, and at that time Windows changed automatically my sign-in from local password to using my Microsoft account; no errors (I don't think though it changed the account form itself); stayed there for 30 mins just in case, no errors

    6) Logged back to original Microsoft account, still getting errors; while in the original Microsoft account, I checked the status of the test account, it appears as "local"; note that when I logged-in the test account after it let me sign-in with the Microsoft account password, the "local" account also activated Windows Hello (I had to block my Windows Hello sign-in camera in order to let me choose in which account I want to log in).

    Buffling eh? !!

    Many thanks!
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Returning to the Powershell issue- which you wouldn't think would exist as you've just upgraded- what happens if you try logging in as the new user, then re-registering apps for all users?
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    New user account

    ΟΚ, so I 've logged into the test account, run Option 1 for all apps, all users. Plenty of green text, and plenty of red fonts too (screenshots below).

    1) No errors in Local account

    2) Downloaded a few themes from Stores which I didn't have before (Stores in local account has my Microsoft account credentials); no errors

    3) Pasted in Themes folder in local account a theme that was in Themes folder in original account; no errors

    3) Logged back in original account; still errors...

    Below screenshots from re-registering all apps, all users from local account

    - - - Updated - - -

    Screenshots from local account re=register all apps, all users

    Looks like it doesn't let me attach any pics, may have to try later. Thank you very much


    The new themes I downloaded from Stores when in local account (where there are no errors), have automatically downloaded in Themes folder in original account. The errors now in original account are hitting nearly 60 (roughly as many as the new themes downloaded when in local account). The strange thing is that whenever I import new themes in the original account, the number of errors is going up, whereas whenever I empty the themes folder of the original account (leaving just the windows defaults), there are still 17-18 errors instead of zero...the local account so far has zero errors no matter what.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Note on screenshots: when uploading, wait a moment for the Upload button to change colour when you hover over it.
    Another user found a browser add-on interfering.

    You might try re-registering the apps in Safe Mode- I've not tried that and don't know if it's possible.

    Theme problem:
    So far, I have:
    1. Moved out all individual themes from the Windows Themes folder, leaving only the default Microsoft ones. Error still continues even when I have selected the default Microsoft windows 10 theme (light or dark).
    I don't think you have actually tried deleting themes in Settings.
    In your original account, Settings, Themes, rt click a theme, click Delete.

    Do this for all themes you are not using, leaving the minimum.
    See if that reduces the number of reports.

    It's possible that by moving or deleting theme files from the folder you create an inconsistency, although that is a valid way of removing themes not currently used.
    After I temporarily "deleted" all themes from the "Themes" folder apart of the default Microsoft theme (and with errors still persisting),
    See too e.g. option 1
    Delete Theme in Windows 10

    Did you also change permissions on
    in order to access files there?
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