I am running Windows 10 Home.

And here is what I want to try and do. I want to receive only notifications from select "People" that are pinned from my "People" app. Or receive only notifications from select email address from "Mail". I don't even know if I can even customize this or not but I would like to if it is possible.

I have recently added "People" to my taskbar and would like to know when select senders send me emails. Like when Amazon or ebay sends out a package I would like to know on my laptop right away rather then having every single email showing on the "Notifications Area" I don't need to know when a order is placed since I am the only one with my account information. So I would like to know when the package is shipped though. But I don't want to see every time I get a new email. And I don't know if there is a way to block "Notifications" on the "Notifications Area" or if its in the "Email Area" or if there is a way to automatically block all incoming emails from "Yahoo! Mail" and "Mail" except from select "People" or "Contacts".

If this is at all possible please let me know how.

- - - Updated - - -

Never mind I just figured out a simpler trick. All I need to do is create a secondary free email address. And have those email address automatically redirected to the new email address and remove the old account from the "Email App" on the Laptop. Since I never use the "Email App" anyways and only want it to see select emails from specific people this should work great. Sorry for asking the question but I hope this will help other members as well.