I recently found out on the winclassic forum that it was possible to get the windows classic theme on windows 10 by closing some theme handler in the memory on winlogon. I also know that it is possible to get the aero basic theme with the blue title bars and windows 7 look on windows 10 by suspending winlogon and killing dwm, but it is a bit buggy and causes half of my screen to glitch out for some reason. I am wondering if there is a way to kill some dwm injection handler in the memory like the classic theme so dwm keeps everything up and smooth but the windows have the aero basic look? Is that even possible to kill some kind of dwm injection? Any help will be nice as I wish that M$ would include that natively.
Thanks in advance.
I am using windows 10 1903, but it will update son and I don't think that matters here.