Do you know where I can see the code of this color (taskband?), Or how it is calculated?

The color of the Firefox active tab line is the same as the Windows Accent1, but it is not the same as the line of the programs opened in the taskbar (I think it is called "taskband").
The color of the taskband is similar to Windows Accent, and changes depending on it, but it is not the same.2
I want to match these colors.
I made an image to try to see the difference between these colors, but I don't see any recognizable pattern.3
(on the left side you see the default Windows colors (ms-settings: colors) and on the right side is the respective color of the taskband)

1. I am using a modified version of the Firefox-UWP-Style theme made by Guerra24.
2. Here you can see the difference of the Windows Accent "Seafoam teal" color:
Firefox active tabline color: (5,128,135) / Taskband: (128,213,216)
Color difference between Windows Accent and the "Taskband"?-taskbar_band.jpg
3. I have the .psd file, if anyone is interested.
Color difference between Windows Accent and the "Taskband"?-windows-colors.jpg

Wndows 10 Home Edition 64-bit (1903)