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    Windows 10 version 2004

    Installation DailyPic

    It is an application from Timo Partl (Timo Partl) and does not appear to be available on his site. I do not believe that an application from the store can be installed without having purchased it (free or paid). However, a search on the internet with DailyPic for Windows 10 would surely allow you to find an available download.
    Good success.
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    Hey guys! I see we share a common problem. I hoped that Microsoft Store - Generation Project (v1.2) [by @RGAdguard & mkuba50] could help us in an easy way, but I see no success. I like DailyPic, and I bought it in both, Microsoft Store and Play Store. And now it's gone from both of them.

    Now I have another idea. I have DailyPic installed on at least one of my PC's. (I don't have it on my new laptop, but have it on my older 2in1 device, and perhaps on the PC at my work.) I could try to get this package somewhere from the 2in1. I googled about it, and I think there is some hope. :) If I manage to do it, I would share it with you too, so we could all be happy together. :)

    But let me ask first. Have any of you been any successful in these few weeks since the latest post in this thread?

    I saw this article about AdGuard. It says:
    As Ghacks points out, you canít use the service to download paid applications or games for free -- AdGuard blocks those listings.
    So perhaps it should be enough to contact AdGuard about DailyPic, and let them know that DailyPic is no longer being sold in the store. Maybe they would be willing to unblock this cool app for us in particular. :)

    We are able to download some apps from the Library, even though if they are no longer available to download "directly" from the Store page. However, when I click at the My Library in the Store, it says to me "Add some apps. There's nothing in your library." Is this case with you too? If this wasn't the case, you would be able to find DailyPic here, and download it - if you have downloaded it before.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I tried to access the folder C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. I access the folder hoping I could find the installation package of DailyPic there, but it seams it's not being stored there. If this file can be found anywhere on the PC. There's that...
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    Windows 10 version 2004

    Hi Gari,
    just to be sure, when in the microsoft store are you signed in with your microsoft account?
    I checked on a pc that didn't have DailyPic installed. If I'm not signed in with my Microsoft account I don't see it in my library and it appears as soon as I'm signed in.
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    I am signed in with my Microsoft account, but when I go to Library, it says "Add some apps. There's nothing in your Library". Maybe I need to fix something with my Microsoft account. :/
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    Windows 10 version 2004

    Sorry I don't know if you need to fix your Microsoft account. But I just installed Spotbright via the store and after the installation it offers me to install DailyPic. I'll try to find where this installer file is located. Spotbright is no longer available on the store. Have you been to the author's site? Maybe it offers these other products when installing a newer app?
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    I have visited his website, and as far as I have seen, no. I hope I'll get some reply from developer of DailyPic, or solve this issue with Microsoft Store. :)
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    Windows 10 version 2004

    HI Gari,
    the applications installed by the store can be found in C: \ users \ xxxNAMExxx \ AppData \ Local \ Packages, but there is no install or setup file present. I found on the site: DailyPic for Windows 10
    a link for an installation, but as I already own the application, I cannot test this one.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just found an app available on the store that seems to come close to DailyPic: Daily Desktop Wallpaper. I haven't tried it, but if you can participate in this review ...
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    This is great, thank you VERY much!

    The link from that page led me to the Store page of DailyPic, and I was able to install it from there. It's awesome. Now I saved the link, so I have it just in case. I think I should have the need for this link, I was downloading DailyPic before, and I even bought it, but my Library is empty for some reason. This saves me.

    I will have a look at the app that you found. I have been looking for DailyPic alternative, but I would find a flaw in almost any other app I find.

    By the way, it seams that I am unable to send you a personal message. I'm new here, I guess that's the reason. Maybe if you could share me your contact in a message, and I would send you an email from my address? But don't rush to share the app right away with my account, it is sufficient to share the link with me. (Or perhaps giving me the link is exactly what you meant to do. ) And I did buy many such apps in past while using Windows phones, so it is possible that I already own this app too.
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    Windows 10 version 2004

    So much the better if I could help you. For the other applications of the store, did you acquire them by being connected with your microsoft account? Otherwise I think, if possible, restore to the previous version from a backup where the missing apps are. Then connect in this version to your Microsoft account in the store where your acquired applications are present without connection.
    These will therefore be associated with your account and you should be able to retrieve them in your new installation.
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    Yes, I acquired them while being connected to the same Microsoft account.

    But I don't think restoring to a previous version of Windows 10 would help, because I have this problem on three of my devices. Plus, these two computers on which I was trying to get DailyPic installed are both new, so for them I don't even have a backup yet.

    SpotBright is a good app too. I haven't bought it, so now I cannot download it, not even with the link from Magicube. In the Store I would only have the option to redeem a code - which I don't have. I didn't appreciate it enough before, now I miss it.

    Also, Daily Image Kit is very good alternative for DailyPic, although I think it might need few improvements.
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