Windows version number 1909

So, I'm using touch keyboard from time to time even on my desktop PC.

The funny thing is when I activate it near the clock the taskbar goes darker and a bit more transparent for a second and than goes back to default (brighter gray - barely transparent) color. Same thing is happening on my other 3 rigs.

Taskbar becomes a little a bit more transparent if I don't install GPU drivers (nVidia) at all. As soon as I install it the same bug? occurs.

If I disable transparency effect it's okay. Same thing is happening on white/dark/custom theme with or wuthout default themes.

Any idea how to fix this?


- - - Updated - - -

OK, I'm playing around and tweaking Windows.

If I disable animations (especially window open/close/minimize/maximize animation) it's okay. The taskbar does not turns darker when opening touch keyboard. So I guess it's a feature not a bug. Same thing is happening on my other 4 rigs..