Ok first of all here's what I've got.

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Above you will see the current icons I am using. I want to know if its possible to change the icons for.

Documents,pictures and music on the left side. As well as the folder icons in the Folder (6) section listed as Desktop,Downloads,Pictures,Documents,Music and Videos. I want to know if I can change the outer part but keep the inside.

Ok what I mean first of all you will notice that the folders are plain yellow. Now downloads has a blue downward facing arrow. Is it possible to keep the arrow but replace the arrow with a different looking one as well as replace the folder.

That way I can have the different folder and a different downward facing icon.

I would like to be able to do this with all my folders if possible.

Plus is the folder icons from the left also changed if you change the main folders.

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I would also like to change the file type icons from the image above. For example if you look at the yellow folders I would like to change all of them as well. So that every time I create a new folder it is not yellow. Like the ones in the image. I want a different folder for my picture/music/desktop and so on.

As you can see from the image above the folders are yellow and the ico images are actual images. But the pictures with .jpg are actually the blue and white icons.

Is there a way to show the picture they actually are without needing to click on it. For example .ico are the actual images but .jpg are not. I would like to see the actual images if possible. I would like to make file icons for .mp3 all the same but for image type file I would like to see a sample of the images before needing to click on them.

So from the top picture down.

1. I would like to change the folders for the music but keep the arrow but change the arrow. Because I found a really nice folder but it dose not have the icons on them for music or downloads.

2. I would like to change the library icons. Which I had done before but don't remember how plus I don't know much about windows 10.

3. Some videos are blue and white icons which are the movie board things or orange vlc media cone icons. I would like to change them. The blue ones are file type .mp4 and vlc icons are .flv. There the file type icons.

4. I would like to change the file type icon for music and video files as well as image types. But for images I would like to be able to view the actual image rather then a icon.

If any of this is possible. Please tell me how or point me in the right direction please. That is if anyone can understand me.

I'm still new to all of this.