Not sure if it can be done.

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    Not sure if it can be done.


    What I'm looking to do might be a bit weird.

    It;s a re-allocation of the letter Q.

    I want to press Ctrl-Q and have Win 10 cycle through the programs open at the bottom of the screen.

    I know you can do this using Windows-TAB but it just doesn't feel right to me.

    It's a bit awkward for my fingers.

    I know there are some kinds of programs that re-assign keys, does anyone know of one that can do this?

    I downloaded one but it didn't have total functionality.

    Thanks for your time in advance, all the best, ste.
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    There are programs like Keytweak and Sharpkeys
    h t t p s://
    (I have to space that link out so it's not seen as a URL as if I quote it as a URL, due to some site bug, that particular site creates a mass of text in the post)

    and you could do it with a single line using
    Autohotkey (free script language) can reassign keys quite easily.

    Something like
    in a simple text file given the extension .ahk

    which =
    Win key + tab.... is remapped to ... CTRL q

    Or you can use LCtrl to represent the left CTRL key.

    Autohotkey has a comprehensive help file and support forum.

    You can test individual hotkeys with a single line just to gain confidence:

    #c::MsgBox You pressed Win-C

    When you press Win key + C, you get a small box on screen containing "You pressed Win-C"

    (Autohotkey does that - and a whole lot more- in fact you can even create whole programs or manipulate existing windows- move them, resize them, press buttons....)
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    Thanks so much for getting back.

    I've gone with Autohotkey and have ran through the instructions until I feel I'm following you.

    I've created a script and edited it using #tab::^q (which I think is bang on) then gone into the system tray and reloaded the script. I've right clicked on the script and ran it, compiled it and edited it again but am having no joy.

    I feel I'm so close. Can you think of something I am not doing?

    The code looks logical and straightforward but I am no Neo.

    Cheers if you can help, ste. )
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  4. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    Hi, I think there's something in the way Windows interprets certain character sequences.

    For example, if I try

    Normally Win s launches Cortana. But with the above ahk file running, CTRL q launches speech recognition.
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  5. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    Here's an odd thing: here's an ahk file I played with:

    ; Use ; to start a comment or disable a line.
    ; Here the last line works: Win key space launches task view.
    ; But the 2nd doesn't
    ; Just to prove CTRL q is reassigned, the first line -> CTRL q displaying a message on screen

    ; ^q:: msgbox, CTRL Q
    ; ^q:: #Tab ; open task view
    #Space:: #Tab ; open task view

    And see
    AutoHotKey EXPERT needed for simple Task View script Solved - Windows 10 Forums
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  6. das10's Avatar
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    Win 10 pro 1909

    Have you tried these commands in ahk scripts:

    In order To Map "Left Control + Q" to "Alt + Tab" use the following 2 commands:

    LCtrl & Q::AltTab

    OR If you really want to Map "Left Control + Q" to "Left Window + Tab" use the following 6 commands:

    LCtrl & Q::
    Send, {LWin down}
    Send, {Tab down}
    Send, {Tab up}
    Send, {LWin up}

    (First script works for me on Win10)
    (Haven't tried the second script yet on Win 10; but works on Win XP at the moment)
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    ! So close !

    Hi all.

    thanks for your help.

    It is so interesting to me these kind of things.

    I only had a chromebook so this is more customizable by a long way.

    The script das10 brought up the timeline feature which helped me closer.

    It helped me to figure out I want to rotate through open windows.

    I am now using:

    LCtrl & Q::
    Send, {Alt down}
    Send, {Tab down}
    Send, {Tab up}
    Send, {Alt up}

    This flicks between my current window and the last one used, back and forth.

    This is really helpful in my assignment writing, the only other thing I am trying to do is to have it roll through all open windows at the bottom of my win 10 instead, like Ctrl-TAB does with tabs in chrome.

    Flicking back and forth between the last two used windows is great.

    But it there a way to tell it to keep going across all open windows??

    I feel it might just need 1 more line?

    If anyone can help out I'd be really grateful.

    Cheers again, ste.
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  8. das10's Avatar
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    Win 10 pro 1909

    Using autohotkey to roll through taskbar programs in sequence has so far proved to be quite difficult ( it used to be easier in Win XP ) for eg see:
    windows 7 - Disable MRU in Alt+Tab task switch - Super User

    The only other alternative seems to be use something like 7-taskbar-tweaker ( as suggested in the superuser thread above ), and its advanced 'Keyboard Shortcuts Options' to use shortcut keys to roll forwards and backwards through the taskbar programs.

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker - RaMMicHaeLs Blog

    I haven't tried it myself (as I much prefer to go through Alt+Tab to reac h a specific window) but you may find it useful.

    For example:
    From the 7-taskbar-tweaker help file eg; in the advanced keyboard shortcuts option, if you use something like

    0x81|ctrl - 102

    you could use Ctrl + Q to sequentially go forwards on the taskbar programs (or if you want to use the mouse wheel, the option is in the GUI itself)

    You can get the Keyboard codes from the link below to find the keycode you want to assign to your shortcuts in the 7-taskbar tweaker

    Keycode constants | Microsoft Docs
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    So helpful.]

    You've all been so helpful.

    I am happy with the Ctrl-Q I've got set up now, it works with my essays.

    May come back later and have another go at it with whtkkey at a later date.

    Thanks for everybody's help!

    You guys are the best.

    Ste :O)
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 Insider Preview (Skip Ahead) latest build

    FWIW: Windows has the ability to load items off the taskbar (the first 10, anyway) already, and has since Windows 7:

    Access the Taskbar with Keyboard Shortcuts | IT Pro

    Just for anyone reading this thread who does not want to use [CTRL] + Q, or does not want to (re)map their own custom combination keystroke, or who wants a native solution.

    (Some of those listed do not work in Windows 10, but the [SHIFT] + [WinKey] + [#] most certainly does)
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