Thanks Keith,
I didn't want to change the registry. though getting rid of creative cloud and onedrive would be nice. I'm actually pretty happy now. I'm a photographer and I don't need access to too many files, now I have shortcuts for My Docs, Pictures and This PC on my desktop, I have closed This PC in the sidebar and I am using Quick Access for the first time. I turned off recent files and favorites so that it is now static, I put my Business folder, a Personal photos folder and the current client folder I'm presently working on. This last one I will chuck when the jobs over, replaced by the next job. So I have three folders, four at most in Quick Access, Creative cloud, Dropbox and Onedrive, then This PC which is closed followed by my external hard drives and last is Network. It's very neat and it should stay that way, 3 shortcuts on the desktop, 3 in Quick Access followed by Dropbox This PC and Network. The hard drives are just text and are listed in a block so easily ignored but easy to find.
Thanks again and thanks Dave, unchecking display all folders really helped.