I love crisp fonts. This sort of thing [look at it full size to observe the magnificent crispness].

I can get fonts like this in LibreOffice, Word and browser text by
1) Turning off ClearType.
2) Turning off anti-aliasing in LibreOffice

But can I get them as System fonts too in Windows 10? The above screenshot is from Ubuntu Linux, where system font substitution is both easy and encouraged. I can't achieve this in W10.

Ideally I'd like crisp Windows XP style fonts across my system.

As a poor second, I'd take crisp fonts in LibreOffice and Firefox, but no where else. Meaning: selectively crisp, with ClearType on for System fonts. Otherwise, the system fonts go too jagged with ClearType turned off.

Any other font fetishists our there wanting to do the same thing?