Screensaver suddenly not activating after set time Solved

  1.    02 Jul 2018 #1

    Screensaver suddenly not activating after set time

    For some reason, haven't figured out why, my screensaver stopped activating after the time set. I can click "Preview" and it works fine, but after 10 minutes it isn't going off. I've restarted Firefox to be sure it didn't get a Youtube video stuck in it's craw, nope. Nor do I have any media players running. Let me see... I have Nexus Mod Manager, Event Viewer, 3 instances of Notepad, Task Manager, MSI Afterburner, Steam (on the My Games screen), Discord, Skype, Efficient Reminder, Telegram, File Explorer, and that's it along the task bar. No media players, just things I normally leave open. Anyone know what broke?
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  2.    03 Jul 2018 #2

    Rebooted the computer (several times, decided if I was going to interrupt everything rebooting I might as well update everything too. >.< ) and it seems fixed. Still, wish I knew what broke so I could maybe fix it with out rebooting.
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  3.    05 Jul 2018 #3

    Update, well, it was working for a short bit then stopped again. Been closing programs, Firestorm, Notepad, Steam, etc and so far, nada. So I don't know why the screen saver keeps refusing to turn on after 10 minutes.
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  4.    17 Jul 2018 #4

    Ok, another update. Problem is still a problem, have a jury rigged solution. It's a lot of speculation and a lot of WTH?! still. At a guess it's Lego Batman 3 doing it, that or Firestorm. Lego Batman 3 I have been doing a lot of alt-tab-bing out of the game to poke at a guide as I work my way to 100% in that game. The solution? If you can call it that... I was looking for another way to prevent screen burn that didn't involve the screensaver. So I got a bunch of wall paper images and loaded them into Infranview to slide show. If I do that then the screensaver starts to work again. So I go in and start a slide show, wait a tick, esc out of it, and walk away and 10 min later the screensaver kicks in like it's suppose to. If I don't do that then the screensaver never kicks in. Screensaver will continue to work fine until the next night when I get off the computer after a few hours of Lego Batman 3 and/or on Second Life through the Firestorm viewer and I notice the screensaver isn't kicking in so I do the above trick with the slide show and all fixed... temporarily until the next night. >.<
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  5.    26 Jul 2018 #5

    This may be totally unrelated, but I had an erratic issue with my screen saver not executing and it turned out to be my Microsoft wireless USB mouse. I pulled out its USB receiver (also have a wired mouse) and the screen saver executed every time. My new wireless Logitech mouse does not cause the issue.
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  6.    26 Jul 2018 #6

    Oh wow, apologies, I totally forgot this was here. No one was answering so it kinda got forgotten. I updated my video drivers and it *seems* to be working fine. But I also stopped playing Lego Batman 3. So... I dunno, but it's working now. But, yeah, I don't use wireless. I have a cable modem / wi fi router right next to me, so wireless doesn't work for me.
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