Windows 10: No Screensaver after 10 update

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  1.    10 Aug 2015 #51

    No creative card here, but I am running Nvidia graphics drivers.
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       10 Aug 2015 #52

    I just disabled all creative devices, services and start-up items. After reboot screen will still not sleep after login.
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  3.    10 Aug 2015 #53

    I have a Radeon gfx and Asus Xonar sound so I don't think there's a correlation between brands.

    My screensaver still doesn't work but it will timeout to lockscreen, somewhat intermittently. The screen will also blank after a random amount of time but re-awakens almost immediately.
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  4.    10 Aug 2015 #54

    adsrox0r said: View Post
    Just tried this, made a new account logged into it and....nada, still no timeout.
    I tried creating a 2nd new account and it didn't work.
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       10 Aug 2015 #55

    Stu said: View Post
    I have the same problem in that the screensaver does not activate and the monitor doesn't sleep following my upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10. I can set the timeout period to any value and it does stick.

    Strangely however, If I boot to the login screen and then wait the monitor sleep does kick in. If I login in it stops working. Could it be that a service that loads after login is stopping screensaver and sleep?
    I fixed my problem by disabling my Saitek X-52 Pro Flight Controller (HID) device in device manager. The monitor sleeps fine now. I am using the latest Saitek drivers but they haven't released any Windows 10 drivers yet.
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  6.    10 Aug 2015 #56

    Same here. I have a two-monitor system running AMD Radeon R9 200 with latest drivers. Search of Windows events logs shows nothing that jumps out at me. Screen saver and blank-screen do not work.

    I created a local admin account to see if it was the same for a new account. Nope. Still no screen save or blank screen.

    Waiting for Microsoft to figure it out.

    ETA: Based on subsequent comments in this thread, I unplugged my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. The screen saver and blank-screen now work. NFI why that is so, but it is.
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  7.    10 Aug 2015 #57

    I made an interesting discovering with this screen saver:
    My problem has been the screen saver defaults to 1 minute and does not work.

    I have installed windows 10 on six different computers. Three of the six computers have this issue of defaulting to 1 minute and the other three computers work fine.

    I was looking for something in common – I came to realize that the 3 computers that works fine all require a password for the user. The three computers that don’t work with the screen saver do not require a password.

    Sure enough, I changed one of the computers that wasn’t working with the screen saver to now require a password. I set the screen saver to 9 minutes. Upon shutting down and then starting it up again it saved and held the 9 minutes setting and the screen saver work fine.

    I then changed the setting so the same computer would not require a password (like it was) and once again it reverted back to the 1 minute default and would not start the screen saver.

    It appears you need a password setup for the screen saver to work. I don’t like that solution but it is a solution and perhaps may lead to someone who is more knowledgeable in coming up with a real solution so it works the way it is supposed to work.
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  8.    10 Aug 2015 #58

    Nope. I have a password set and my screensaver/sleep does not work.
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  9.    10 Aug 2015 #59

    adsrox0r said: View Post
    Nope. I have a password set and my screensaver/sleep does not work.
    I was afraid it was going to be more complicated than that. I have check all the computers I have updated and can't find anything in common other that the password thing. It's very odd to me because 3 computers are exactly the same, Dell XPS 8700 bought t the same time with the exact same software and hardware. Two of them work fine (password setup) the other doesn't work and isn't setup with password.

    It is sounding complicated hopefully Windows comes out with a fix and soon.
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       10 Aug 2015 #60

    Gary said: View Post
    You have to make all changes to anything in the settings section.
    Well, if you make a shortcut for Control Panel on the desktop you can change some of the settings in there under "System and Security"->"Power Options" - The Screen Saver can be selected from "Appearance and Personalization" as usual. Try making the changes via control panel instead of the Settings tile.
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