Update Screensaver via batch file

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    Update Screensaver via batch file

    Ok ... Just found this forum couple weeks ago and was able to get some bang up batch file stuff. So ... figure I'd join. Especially, since my last piece of information retrieved from here isn't working.

    Ok ... this is for my computer and personal use only so the advice that you shouldn't change these settings on the user is noted .. but I'm the user so.... :)

    What I need is to CHANGE the screensaver time from 10min to ##min. I found the following.

    Reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v ScreenSaveTimeOut /t REG_SZ /d 5400 /f

    but... while the registry changes .... it is still timing out @ 10 minutes. If I open the screensaver dialog box it still shows 10min not 90. From another batch file on the desktop sorting I added this to the above

    taskkill /f /im explorer.exestart explorer.exe

    thinking that maybe this needed to happen. Nope still no change.

    Now I've flew through some other threads referencing issues with other settings, I think fast start up, that appear to be screwing up something, but now can't find that thread.

    Can someone shed some light on or point me to a thread with a definitive answer on how to change the screensaver time ( has to be via a macro or something ) as it is being called via VBA ( and NOT manual solution )
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    I tried with procmon and this is what is updated:

    Update Screensaver via batch file-capture.png

    If you set the registry key (as you describe above) then the screensaver timeout isn't updated until you log off and on again.

    According to here it has been like this since XP.
    My change did not take effect until after I logged out and back in.
    Change screen saver timeout in the registry - Windows XP

    Certainly if I change ScreenSaveTimeOut (and only that) it works after log out/log in or restart.

    Is that good enough?

    I don't know what job to restart without doing this or even if it is possible.

    Just for your interest Screensaver is deprecated - this means it works currently but (might be) be dropped completely in the future.

    Screen saver functionality in Themes

    To be disabled in Themes (classified as "Removed" in this table). Screen saver functionality in Group Policies, Control Panel, and Sysprep is now deprecated but continues to be functional. Lockscreen features and policies are preferred.
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    Thanks for the information .... I'm ok with, i guess, that this may or may not work at this time. However, what I am needing to prevent from happening ( well adjusting ) is controlling when the "lock screen" activates or doesn't activate. So I guess now I need to find the entries for the lock screen timing.

    If you happen to know what those entries are ... it would be great to know.
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