Grateful for TenForums

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    Grateful for TenForums

    I had to do a repair install of Windows 10, plus a reinstallation of some of the programs I also use. To make a long story short, I survived this massive headache with the help of tutorials here, and help from other forum members. I admit I have a good sense of accomplishment--without the forum, the tutorials, and the help, I would never have been able to tackle some of the complicated (to me, at least) Windows tasks that were required to solve my problems.

    I used to think that SevenForums was a tremendous resource. Now I believe that TenForums is also a godsend.

    Here's to Tenforums!
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    We all are grateful Arthur, thanks:)
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    This has got me thinking. Overcoming my recent computer crises was a major feat for me. I'm sure for others here, though, the tasks needed to restore my computer's health would be laughably simple. I wonder how many forum members are involved in some aspect of "computers" professionally, and how members would rate their own technical ability. Has anyone done any surveys to gather demographics on forum membership? Perhaps gathering this membership data might be a good idea? I bet that forum participation correlates to one's knowledge.
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro 64 Ver.1909 Bld.18363

    I too have been perusing and using the vast knowledge buried in these pages for years, but only joined when I started using Windoze10 last month. I was wondering how to give TenForums the thanks they deserved, and stand out so it is read, not smothered by pages of emojis and empty comments, but my PC crashed and broke my Windoze.
    It turns out, that as I slept, "BillyGodGates" and Micro$oft Windoze10 connected to the web and downloaded a virus called "update". It is now a month later of many sleepless nights and frustration..., and no web for help.
    Fortunately, I had an old Windoze7 desktop with many saved pages from TenForums and that became invaluable as a learning tool and guide. When I finally recovered from "update" to the point that I can actually USE MY PC now, I am still infected. I lost all my files and programs, and now have a bootleg activated copy of Windoze10, but an earlier build than my original Dell OEM was, just to avoid that "2019 Update to Build 190?" that broke my windoze on Valentine's Day!
    I am back to TenForums to continue my education on M$Windoze10, and how to avoid it's tricks&traps. I would like to downgrade or dual boot with Windoze7, as those windoze are broken on my old desktop, and I can't find a new PC without preinstalled Gates and broken Windoze10. I've gone back to Linux on it, trying to recover my files, but BillyGodGates has cursed that one too.
    I am so grateful to all these people @tenforums that find the time to contribute these helpful snippets of info and advice, as I can finally give this $4000 M$B$ controlled laptop back to my computer illiterate and very frustrated Bro'. A few tweaks still, but I'm sure I'll find it somewhere here @tenforums, even if I have to start a thread. There is just so much info to search or sort, but it's here! I know it! Even this thread is an example, as I was still searching and learning, but not really contributing, wanting to thank whoever did. Then found this thread listed, and expected a lot more views and comments and Kudos posted here!
    I'm really old, and this new web is totally changed since Dial-up and BBS's. I'm real slow at this pick&peck typing too, so this is taking a while, and I'm always afraid of hitting the wrong button!
    But us old folk like to give credit where credit is due, and this my good sir, GoGreen is a Thank You for this thread, and a big THANK YOU to all the contributors of these forums !!
    Keep up the good work. We'll beat this virus yet! (and that Cortana one too..., or is it corona?)
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    windows 10 Pro

    Hi, Andy from London
    Would like to backup and reset without any hiccups, Have a good day
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro 64 Ver.1909 Bld.18363

    Finally solved my Windoze 10 Problems!

    I probably won't be back soon, as I gave my brother back his $4000 Alien laptop that M$ controls..., and went back to Ubuntu Linux for a crash-free experience where you can control your own choices of apps and features, and when, or if, you want them updated.
    Not as much of a learning curve this time..., Linux and open-source has come a long way since "Puppy" Linux in the 90's. I still have XP64 Pro on an old i7 powered tower, and another hdd with Windozed 7 somewhere..., if I ever need to run windoze for some reason.
    Grateful for TenForums-windows_devolution.jpgGrateful for TenForums-bill_gates.jpg
    I thought I'd throw a plug in there for Billy-god-Gates and Micro$oft...
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