Reputation and Badges [3]

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    Reputation and Badges [3]

    Badges are given when a user reaches a certain level of reputation and also meets the minimum requirements posted below,

    The maximum amount of badges a user can have at one time is 3.

    User Titles

    (Minimum posts)

    Junior Member - 0 posts
    Member - 100 posts
    Senior Member - 1000 posts

    Member Badges

    {Reputation based + Minimum requirements}

    Reputation and Badges [3]-member.pngMember= 7 rep+7 Days Registered+10 Posts or 5 Days registered and 25 posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-power.png Power User = 40 rep+30 Days Registered+75 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-pro.pngPro User = 150 rep+60 Days Registered+200 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-guru.pngGuru= 400 rep+120 Days Registered+500 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-1sguru.pngGuru 1 Star = 1000 Rep + 2000 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-2sguru.pngGuru 2 Star = 1500 Rep + 5000 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-3sguru.pngGuru 3 Star = 2000 Rep + 10000 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-4sguru.pngGuru 4 Star = 3000 Rep + 15000 Posts
    Reputation and Badges [3]-5sguru.pngGuru 5 Star = 6000 Rep + 25000 Posts

    Reputation and Badges [3]-gold.pngGold Member = 5000 Posts+180 Days Registered

    Other Badges

    {Invite Only}

    Reputation and Badges [3]-tef_admin1.pngAdminstrators
    Reputation and Badges [3]-smod.pngSuperMods
    Reputation and Badges [3]-mod.pngModerators
    Reputation and Badges [3]-tf.png Ten Forums Team
    Reputation and Badges [3]-vip.pngVIP Member


    information   Information

    Reputation is a way of rating users depending on the quality of their posts. If you feel that a member has or is being helpful to you or just has been helping out in general, you can give them rep on the particular helpful post.
    warning   Warning

    The Reputation System is not to be abused, such as in repping each other to get a higher level, handing it out as a welcoming gift to newcomers, or begging members to give you rep.

    The reputation scale is as follows:

    Reputation and Badges [3]-rep1.png

    Once you hit 50, you will start gaining bright green dots on top of the 5 dark dots but it takes three times as much to gain a bright green dot.

    Reputation and Badges [3]-rep2.png

    1st Gold pip- 201 2nd-291 3rd-381 4th- 471 5th- 561 First Star Medal- 651

    Once you receive 651 rep points, you will get the first star medal.

    When you receive a medal, your displayed rep pips will start over again from one pip.

    In addition, there are 3 levels of medals - Bronze, Silver and Gold, once you have 4 bronze, then your next will go up to the next level and onto Silver, etc.

    An example of Negative Reputation Reputation and Badges [3]-reputation_red.gif

    Rep Power is how many points you give when you give rep to somebody. Some information on this is given below.

    Note   Note
    Rep Power is set to a global cap of 10 points. So if your Rep Power number reaches above 10, your rep given to another user will only give them a maximum 10 points at any one time.

    Ability to rep in this - the Chillout Room, and the News Forum has been disabled due to over repping for non-helpful posts.

    information   Information

    All users start with a rep power of 1

    Register Date Factor

    For every X number of days, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. 180
    Post Count Factor

    For every X number of posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. 1000
    Reputation Point Factor

    For every X points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power. 100

    Minimum Post Count

    How many posts must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? 1

    Minimum Reputation Count

    How much reputation must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? 2

    Daily Reputation Clicks Limit

    How many reputation clicks can a user give over each 24 hour period? Administrators are exempt from this limit. 10
    Reputation User Spread

    How many different users must you give reputation to before you can hit the same person again? Administrators are exempt from this limit. 10

    Tip   Tip
    For more General Forum facts, please go here: Forum Facts
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    Congratulations Joan on your TF Team badge ....Well deserved dear lady.
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    Congratulations on TF Team badge Joan
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    Team Badge? Well paint me green and call me Gumby! Congratulations my friend, couldn't happen to a nicer person

    A Guy
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    Joan Archer said:
    Oh I know that Wynona, I've been around them since Vistax64 days and you couldn't get a greater bunch. It's our 44th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we've been together 45 years. I don't know how long it's been since you lost your husband but know that I now know your pain and my condolences to you.
    Thanks, Joan. I wasn't trying to tell you about the folks here; just kinda making a statement about how great everyone is. Does that make any sense?

    I lost Johnny on November 15, 2018. Yeah, anniversaries, birthdays, and special dates will be the hardest for a couple years. One of my daughters posted a picture of us on Facebook the other day, and my heart broke all over again. It does get better, though.
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    DooGie said:
    Congrats on the TF Team badge @Joan Archer.
    Oh! I didn't see that! Congratulations, Joan.
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    Many Congratulations @Joan Archer, on your TF Team badge!!!!!
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    Congratulations @Joan Archer on your TenForums Team Badge.
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    Congratulations Joan on your TF Team badge
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    Congrats Joan
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