I got an email from Ebay yesterday offering broken, not working cpus for prices in range 100 - 150 eg broken Ryzen 9 3900X 129.99. The descriptions actually say 'if you delid the cpu, there's no chip inside, making them dummies'.

I'm baffled at why folk would buy these at these prices. Some ideas -

You could make some artwork or jewellery.

You could use them in some kind of scam.

If you were teaching a pc repair class, your students could practice installing a cpu (no danger of damaging a good cpu).

If you're doing a pc build with unfamiliar HSF or H2O cooler, could practice with a dummy cpu first.

For any of the above, I'd pay maybe 2 for a broken cpu - but 100 ?


Who buys broken cpus ?-cpu.png