I didn't know where to put this. It's a laptop recommendation I thought I'd pass along. It's not for everyone, and it's not perfect, but man did it check a lot of my boxes.

Let me explain my need for a laptop. I don't game, it's not my workhorse, and it will rarely leave the house. It is a kitchen TV and music machine, if you will. Every morning it leaves the kitchen counter and sits on my table as I have my coffee. It will sometimes leave the house, but since I'm a home body, not too often.

I've had a Core M 2 in 1 ZenBook from Asus for almost 3 years. It was always a tad sluggish but otherwise a solid unit. Didn't love the keyboard (mooshie) but I did enjoy the vibrant and bright touch screen. It was $699 in day, with 8GBs of RAM and 512SSD. No pen support.

The replacement Asus now offers is now 14 inch, an i5, 8GBs, and 256 SSD. Pen support but no pen included. Very similar product but now for $799. It's tempting.

But then Amazon tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I had seen their exclusive model of the Lenovo Flex 14 2 in 1. It's AMD Ryzen with a dedicated CPU, but regrettably that CPU robs me of 2GBs of RAM. But 6 is plenty for the rest of this surfing TV music system, so there's that.

(The reason I bought 512 storage back in the day was because of all the songs I almost lost relying upon iTunes to back stuff up. So THIS time I wanted music backed up on my main PC and laptop. I have a lot of music. Bonehead that I was it didn't occur to me to stick it on a HDD drive or SD card if I must. So I never really needed this 512 SSD on my laptop in the first place, since all that music is backed up to Apple Music AND Google Play Music. I lost my head.)

The screen is colorful and bright, touch, and includes a pen. It's not sluggish and the keyboard is way better. And it illuminates.

The battery life is a key shortcoming, but remember, this unit only roams around the house, not the world. Similarly it weighs a little more than the ZenBook, but again -- that doesn't matter. For a student all over campus? Sure. But that's not me.

I gained a fingerprint reader which works great. Even better, and I mean this -- you can slide a 'switch' by the webcam and cover it right up. I'd be willing to pay extra for that feature alone. Instead --

-- this PC is $523.

I come from decades of Apple only products. You don't know how comical this is to me. To get a new MacBook Air that's somehow comparable to this is $1299. (You can't compare Apples with apples, but that's the best cousin comparison.)

I've found laptops anywhere near that price make major compromises. Again -- only the battery life is MEH.