The Raspberry Pi Thread [5]

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    The Raspberry Pi Thread [5]

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    Continued from - The Raspberry Pi Thread [4]

    I having an issue with my Pi crickit hat and I'm not getting a whole lot of help on Adafruits forum. I'm getting an almost constant undervolt warning on my monitor, when powered via the crickits barrel connector. And thats with the recomended 5V 4A power supply I bought from them a while back. If I power the Pi via its power port with the official Pi supply no undervolt warning. The product page for the crickit says not to power it that way though? It advises to only use the crickits power port. I get 5.1 V out of the supply with no load. And 5.09 at the crickits barrel jack contacts with it running. I'm only seeing 4.75 V on the GPIO 5V pin though and it must be dipping even lower. As soon as I open a browser or do anything the lightning bolt flashes on screen.
    The led next to the yellow caution triangle on the board is on too? Although the product page says its supposed to be Red, and not a good thing if it is lit up? Its even lit during thier youtub video on the crickit hat. I have yet to see the green smiley face LED to ever light up. I tried three different supplies and same deal with all of them.

    Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - Undervolt warning with crickit hat.

    Look where the power cable is plugged in and you will see a smiley face and a triangle. The LED next to the caution triangle is on? I would think it should be the other one that should be on? I can't actually tell if its yellow or green? My partial color blindness makes that hard. Maybe they have them backwards or something because I think the smiley face one lits up red during the video?

    New Products 11/21/2018 Featuring #Adafruit #CRICKIT HAT for #RaspberryPi @adafruit - YouTube
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    looks green ,,but it could be just because the board is green,it could be off white ,a bit yellow even ,im not sure
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    caperjack said: View Post
    looks green ,,but it could be just because the board is green,it could be off white ,a bit yellow even ,im not sure
    I think its green, and they mismarked the two LED's. They have the smiley face and caution triangle swapped in position. I can't tell green from yellow with those itty bitty teeny tiny LED's. I assumed it was yellow because it was next to the caution triangle symbol. As in why would it be green? If it was the LED they say it is it would be red.

    I have to look and see "which" LED is on, on the powerboost to know if the battery is charging or charged. My eyes just can't tell the green one from the yellow one, especially when its behind a difusser. I am partially color blind though, and age is catching up with me a bit I think, lol. Still no reply from Adafruit.
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    Adafruit took there time responding, more questions than answers though. Then thier forum went down, which didn't help. I'm debating making a modification or returning it. If they want ne to return it and pay the shipping I my just modify it. Will have to wait and see what they say. I think its still usable, not happy with how its designed though. If mine is actually defective I'll be returning it for sure, even if I do have to pay shipping.
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    Finally got some info back from Adafruit. The smiley face logo and the warning triangle are backwards. Not that big a deal now that they conformed it. They will fix the silk screening on the next batch.
    There advice was to just ignore the warning or power the Pi seperatly. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but kind of what i was expecting. What I'll likely do is cut a good quality USB cable in half. Plug the micro USB end into the Pi, and solder the +5V and ground wires right to the barrel jack on the crickit hat. That way i just need the one power supply plugged into the hat. A bit of a bodge job but that wouldn't be the first time I've modified something to make it better. Doing it that way leaves all the protection circuits on the Hat in place, and won't bypass the poly fuse on the Pi.
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    Good old Adafruit , .. and there sucky customer service,and and a switch to CircuitPython , Not good for me and my 12x captivetouch hat ,,,i followed instructions to installed circuitpython ,but get an error when running the python file [dont remember the error],, but a python from another project from another source using the same hat works ,,.I will one day try another reinstall ...
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    Just had one of the most frustrating mornings dealing with Pi stuff yet.
    The latest Motion Eye OS dated 20190427 is flawed big time.
    As soon as enable the WIFI I lose any and all connections to that Pi? Won't even connect over ethernet? Flashed and reflashed several times. Even tried two different Pi 3A+'s and two different SD cards. Same deal, all was fine until I tried to setup the WIFI. On the next reboot nada?
    I ended up going back to 20190119.
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    Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout: What Each Pin Does

    Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout: What Each Pin Does - Tom's Hardware

    A Guy
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    Here is another one, Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
    And you can also check what pins are actually in use by some Hats or pHats etc.
    Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
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    Pimoroni finally did a new Bilge Tank video. Not one of their better ones IMHO. Bilge Tank 130 - Estefannie, Nate, Air Quality and Projects - YouTube
    New Enviro pHat + , not a whole lot of info on it though? And they never did show it actually running?
    BME280 on it for temp, humidity and pressure readings. And a small display. I'm hoping its this one, 0.96" SPI Colour LCD (160x80) Breakout – Pimoroni Or something similar. Color please, and not e ink?
    Sound and light sensors too, but no idea what ones? I hoping it can measure the UV index.
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