Yesterday, someone on a Discord server I'm on posted screenshots of his made-up plane he made out of Blender.
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He posted screenshots of other planes he modeled from Blender and it got me thinking about 3D modeling planes of my own. I have a very picture heavy mind and I have never took the time into making a physical, or digital, rendition of what I picture in my head up until now.

I've heard of and used Blender a bit a long time ago but hardly learned anything from it. I looked in a few tutorials, but they only seem to start you off on really basic stuff. I learned some things from them but I was getting a little bored with it.

I did some research into other free 3D modeling software and I've looked into some to see how they are. Unfortunately, I have little and sparse experience in 3D modeling and it seems the stuff I've tried out were either too primitive or too complex. What's more, I don't know what's the best software out there that's useful for modeling planes and doesn't have a difficult and arduous learning curve like Blender.

Does anybody here know some kind of free 3D modeling software that's good for modeling planes and not too difficult to learn? I have some experience from school with programs like Autodesk and SketchUp but I used those years ago and my memories of how I used them are pretty vague. Getting into this type of hobby isn't really that important to me and I don't want to waste too much of my time just learning primitive stuff on a program that's well above my skill cap.