Any bird watchers out there?

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    We had a few Dark Eyed Junco's in the yard yesterday. I couldn't get a pic without spooking them. My camera isn't all that good and only has a digital zoom. Just your usual pocket camera. Fujifilm something or other.
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    I Found It...

    This was the best out of 8pixs with a 12year old Kodak EasyShare CX6330, it used to shoot clearer pixs but over the years, well, I believe you get the picture:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've been looking for a new PS (point and shoot) maybe even a DSLR, being into astronomy I'd have more control with the ISO and speeds for night shots, and for solar shots its a bonus, don't forget the solar filters You can get ISO and speed controls with some PS's if you want to pay for it but most PS's you take what they give you. A PS with ISO and speed control approaches a DSLR in price so you might as well go with a DSLR and more options. Decisions, decisions.

    I still have a Fujica ST801 from years ago, but I broke the take up reel shooting so many rolls of film, I can still use it but I have to be really careful with it. Besides, with it getting really difficult and expensive to find good film anymore, it's easier to stay digital.

    Oh, I forgot, you can add hummingbirds to my list. There's probably more but the 'ol memory isn't what it used to be.
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    The irony for me is my father is a professional photographer, he wants auto nothing, he wants to be totally in control. For me it needs to auto everything, lol. I don't have a clue what most of the settings actually do and for the most part leave it all in the factory defaults. About the only thing I do aside from setting the date and time is turn off the beep. My step daughter has a DSL and is getting into it. She takes some really nice pictures.
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    In a way that's how it was for me, my folks had a kodak brownie that I started using and after awhile a co-worker from where my dad worked had a deal for the fujica so I bought it on lay-a-way, I believe my dad was teaching me a financial lesson as I was only 19 at the time and the camera was $170-USD and he couldn't afford it with three other sons to raise so in about two months I had a nice camera.

    At first I took roll$ of bad shots but slowly got the hang of it and was able to figure out the ISO, speed, and aperture by just looking at available lighting and figuring out the settings in my head for the shot I wanted to take, and doing pretty good, a lot of action shots, stills, nature, that's probably what broke the take-up reel, being in a hurry to get a fresh roll in and didn't notice it until later.

    I will admit it is nicer to be able to point and shoot, but its like everything else; If you really want to accomplish something you'll find a way to do it. For example, off an on I've been following your exploits in the raspberry pi thread because it interests me, but so far I haven't taken that first step to build my own and get into programming.

    c'est la vie
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    With the release of the Zero and Zero W you can get a Pi pretty cheap these days. If you don't mind the trade off of a single core CPU. I had absolutely no coding skills before buying my first Pi. I'm still no expert at Python, but I like to think I know what I'm doing now. Its getting a lot easier to figure out what I need to do now. Google helps too, lol.
    It's just starting to actually get summer like weather here and the migrating birds are all coming back. Just have to remember to take my camera with me when I go out. It was only 4c this morning, now its 8 with a projected high of 14c. I'm never really sure which jacket etc I might be wearing and always seem to leave the camera in the one I'm not wearing.
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    Apologies, I had to get away earlier. I can't promise but if I get into Pi I'll pick it up in your Pi thread, the Pi3B+ looks interesting.

    We're off an on with the seasons here. January was in the minus range then February was warm in the 70's. April-May in the 50's and 60's and for the last two weeks with rain every day then yesterday was sunny in the mid 80's, I ended up getting a mild sunburn being out doing yard-work. Now today back to rain in the low 60's, tomorrow through Sunday mid 80's partly sunny no rain. Very disruptive to the psyche, at least mine anyway.

    There was a large migration that finished up last month that starts in February in the Middle Creek Wildlife Management area this is from late February: Migrating birds present spectacular views at Middle Creek

    I feel your pain, I hate it when I get to the check-out and realize I forgot my wallet.
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    I just use the camera on my mobile phone, stopped using my digital camera as whenever I wanted to take a photo the batteries were flat.

    I have a Lumia 830 which takes great pictures and also an iPhone 5S which takes pretty good ones as well and it's something I've usually got handy and charged up.
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    Hi Joan,

    We just got back from a roadtrip and I did take our point and shoot along but it's a battery hog so my wife took the pix that I wanted on her Galaxy S6.
    Earlier I mentioned that I had that ST801 and I went to check that battery expecting to see all kinds of corrosion because it had been in the 801 for oh, lets say 30years but surprisingly it looked as new as the day I put it in, by rights it should've been loaded with corrosion but I'm glad it wasn't as it's usually a horrible mess. It's one of those stubby Eveready A544 6volt Photo Batteries, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

    Have a new bird sighting. As we were coming home and just down the street there was a bit of road-kill and we saw our first turkey vulture. Happened to quick to take a shot but this has a fair resemblance: Turkey Vulture Feeding

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    I've had a few, didn't get the camera out of my pocket fast enough moments. Saw some pheasants on the trail but couldn't get a pic, they spook easy. Had some American Gold finches in my feeder but they spoked when I put the camera up to get the pic. They are used the blind being closed in that window to keep our cat from being a pest at the window, lol. There is a wide shelf right under the window. He likes to sit there if the blind is up.
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    I believe Nigel @Barman58 tried...

    A Guy
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