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  1.    5 Days Ago #881

    Just booted up my breadboard rig to check something and was getting the flashing lightning bolt? My new Pi 3B+ is in this rig. I was using my 5V 10A power pack too. Very recent fresh install of the latest Raspbian updated and upgraded? Updated and upgraded again and it went away? I measured just under 4.9V at my breadboard. There was an issue with false low volt warnings with the 3B+ but I could have sworn my last update upgrade patched it and fixed it? Anyway, just a heads up if you own a 3B+ and get the warning. Do a sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade. Maybe even run them both twice, update, upgrade, update, upgrade until its says 0 upgraded.
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    Got sidetracked Pi wise today. Got an e-mail from Pimoroni with a preorder offer for this,
    I have most of it already so I'm putting together my version based on what I have. I only have the one camera, one of the older original ones. Managed to make it fit in the Zero camera case cover, just had to drill the lens hole out bigger. We'll see if it works once its all together. Then I released I don't have a Pi with "no" GPIO header. All mine have headers soldered on. I do have one with a female header on the back side that will do for now though. I just imaged my card so its time for the some assembly required part.
    I think I may buy one of those octo cam kits with the suction cups to stick it to the Window. I want this for taking pictures of the birds in my feeder which is right by a window.
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    Well that turned out to be a colossal waist of time. I decide to try the motion eye image (octo cam). It initially wants a wired connection. If it can't find one it just keeps rebooting and retrying to find one. The instructions say to add a wpa_supplicant.conf file. I did one up and added it to the only visible partition but it made no difference. If I plug that drive into Linux PC it see's three drives but won't let me copy to the boot partition. Don't have permission. I've run out of patience at this point. Both options make you stream it over the Internet which isn't what I want to do. I'm calling it quits on this project for now.
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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64
       4 Days Ago #884

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    I'm calling it quits on this project for now.
    my favorite saying /quote ,lol
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  5.    4 Days Ago #885

    caperjack said: View Post
    my favorite saying /quote ,lol
    I'll have another go at some point. I'll try the other SD card image software. This tutorial,
    I'm going to research streaming it locally just over my home network too. Want to get back to my rover project and finish it first though.
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  6.    3 Days Ago #886

    Just had one of my PowerBoost 1000c's fail on me. The one in my portable weather clock, I think its the first one I bought. I put the power mode switch in power supply mode. The enable pin on the power boost is grounded so the up converter is off. Only the battery charger is on. The Pi gets its power from the power supply that feeds the power boost. Except I didn't have the power supply plugged in yet, and the PI booted up? That's not supposed to happen? The Blue LED on the power boost was off too. Got my volt meter out and I'm seeing 4V on the USB terminal with the power boost off. It should be 0V with the upconverter off, and +5V with it on. The IC down by the JST jack is burning hot. The battery voltage is 4v so something has shorted out and is feeding battery voltage to the Pi. That's not good, I'm surprised it actually booted up and ran. I imagine there would have been numerous yellow lightning bolts flashing if I had had a monitor connected.
    Tomorrow I'll have a good look at things, double check my wiring for shorts, although any shorts wouldn't and couldn't cause this. I'll look it over anyway, that's just common sense. Then swap out the power boost. I have one on my four wheel rover I can borrow for now. I'll have to unsolder it from its header, not a big deal really. It's only 8 pins. Then add one to my next order. Still a bummer, but at least no other damage. As far as I know anyway.
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  7.    2 Days Ago #887

    Swapped in my used but good donner and all appears to be back to normal. Recharging the battery as I type this. Hardest part was unsoldering it from its header. I had it mounted to a ProtoZero with a male header. There always seems to be one pin that doesn't fully unsolder. In the weather clock its bolted to the case wires go where need be.
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