ok, my plan is simple, I've turned off fast startup, and am running windows with everything loaded fresh from the hard drive.

I've gone 3 days problem free, if I go a fourth day problem free, then I'm thinking maybe its something to do with fast startup gimping up.

if I go 8 days problem free, then I know for a fact it has to do with fast startup, or is at the very least tangentially related.

I do plan, when I have a little more free time, to run the uefi test, I'll need help getting that to run on boot, and I'd need help getting into the bios.

one thing I can state for the record, anything to do with updating the bios will NOT be done, the last 7 times I've updated a machine's bios(at manufacturer support's request and with their instructions) I've had nothing but grief of the level that I've ended up sending the machine in to have the bios issue fixed, and in all but two cases, ended up with the machine being wiped to factory standards.

In short, I've been burned by updating the bios, badly.

while I have backups of all my important stuff, spending three days reinstalling and reconfiguring things is NOT something I'm prepared to do without more than reasonable, just cause.