There was 1 new BSOD that was debugged with windbg.
It did not display a definitive misbehaving driver.

The KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED bug check has a value of 0x0000001E. This indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception which the error handler did not catch.

Have you made a backup image with Macrium?
Have you backed up files?
If you have please make a brand new restore point.
Then turn on windows driver verifier:
Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver. - Microsoft Community

When running windows driver verifier there may be sluggishness in performance.

Use the information in this link to learn how to turn off windows driver verifier:
Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

Windows driver verifier will repetitively produce bsod until the drivers are fixed or until the tool is turned off.
Run the tool for 48 hours to find misbehaving drivers.
Once the last driver is fixed run windows driver verifier for an additional 36 hours.
If there are no bsod during this 36 hours the troubleshooting will be completed.

All methods to turn off windows driver verifier are performed using the windows advanced troubleshooting menu:
1) startup options (not startup repair) > click restart > select #6 safe mode with command prompt > type: verifier /reset
2) command prompt > Administrator X:\Windows\system32.cmd.exe > type: verifier /bootmode resetonbootfail
3) system restore
The methods to turn off windows driver verifier should be performed in the order above. Only advance if the prior command fails. The system restore often leads to a loss of the bsod mini dump and little progress is made in the troubleshooting.

After each bsod please post a zip into the thread for troubleshooting.