Random Reboots Even After Format

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  1.    02 Oct 2017 #1

    Random Reboots Even After Format


    apologises if this is in the wrong section but ive just recently sold my gaming pc on ebay and want to resolve the issue before shipping out

    so last night came to switch the pc on after many months of not using it and it kept coming up onto a blue screen windows has not loaded correctly so after 3 hours of it coming on and rebooting itself without me even touching anything I lost my temper with it formatted the whole thing got it all wiped completely and its still doing the same thing

    I was told its down to a driver issue which windows update installs first time round when a clean copy of windows is installed

    so I booted up in safe mode and ran DDU to remove the old driver and I downloaded the latest driver off the NVidia website

    Left the computer idle and soon as I tested a black ops 3 in the middle of a game the pc again decides to reboot itself with no error on display when it boots back up

    no BSOD of death messages and no windows could not load correctly message

    someone has suggested to turn off auto reboot pc and see if the error flags up then

    recently added a new psu as the old one packed up after a power cut nothing else was damaged on the PC as far as I can tell

    any help please as I don't need the hassle of the buyer messaging me telling me its constantly rebooting


    amd vishera 8 core
    NVidia gtx 1060 6gb
    16gb ddr3 ram
    128gb ssd drive
    650gb sata
    500gb sata
    m5a9x asus motherboard

    had the pc for over 2 years and never experienced this before but windows is adamant to update itself before it boots up after a clean install of windows 10 pro 64 bit
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  2.    02 Oct 2017 #2

    Make sure computer is not overheating use SpeedFan to monitor computer temperatures.
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  3.    02 Oct 2017 #3

    Hi I ran that and the app says temp 3 -128 degrees

    Album — Postimage.org

    many thanks
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  4.    02 Oct 2017 #4

    Clean all dust and dirt from inside your computer and apply new thermal paste to CPU.
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  5.    02 Oct 2017 #5

    I read online earlier that psu would be the issue as I bought the referubed psu 650 corsair 8th September and not used the pc since then it appears the psu was faulty of today I bought a brand new evga 600w and it's not happened since

    Fingers crossed
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  6.    02 Oct 2017 #6

    Please let us know if problem come back.
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  7.    04 Oct 2017 #7


    The problem with the restarts have been solved but i shipped the pc out yesterday to my buyer and hes received the computer but claims he is getting no signal on his tv with the hdmi plugged in he is connecting it to a LG tv model number LG-22mt49df

    i suggested to him remove the graphics card and reseat it and still nothing happens the fans are spinning on the card but no picture with hdmi

    do the latest cards require a certain spec hdmi cable ? as the one i sent was a cheap one i had in the cupboard

    everything is fine with the pc in terms of it powers up, no beeps at all just seems to be no picture

    GTX 1060 6gb card with latest drivers
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  8.    04 Oct 2017 #8

    Quality of the HDMI cable should not cause any problem ask the buyer to use different HDMI cable.
    Ask the buyer connect computer to different monitor or TV set.
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  9.    04 Oct 2017 #9

    He's contacted me back this was his reply

    "hi,have chatted with local pc repair shop,have explained about checking a POST TEST(Power-On Self-Test)
    have checked it,and we have a problem spotted,cpu led stays lit up,hopefully just got upseated during transit.
    just watching some youtube on removing cpu and reseating it,hopefully should solve it."

    Hopefully he will get it sorted

    I really dont trust these couriers at all

    Thanks for your help up to now
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  10.    04 Oct 2017 #10

    You are very welcome!
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